Unified Space - Transmission One

by Ivan Sorensen


Welcome to the first transmission into Unified Space.

In these transmissions you will find snippets of data, current events and psionic overflow usable in your games of Five Parsecs From Home.

You'll find some encounters below to add to your games, each encounter below can occur once in a given campaign.

Language in Unified Space (and beyond)

Among Humans, the dominant language is SVIM (Standardized Vocal Interface Method): A language constructed specifically to be as clear, fast to learn and adaptable as possible. On Unity-controlled worlds, SVIM is mandatory though local groups often maintain and use their own languages as well.
Unity records indicate 8.6 billion officially recognized languages across the Core Worlds alone.

As SVIM has become a standardized language for trade transactions, it is also commonly spoken beyond Unity’s reach.

K’Erin and Precursors can speak it fluently with ease, while Ferals often have a thick, distinctive accent due to their jaws and vocal cords. Swift pick up the language intuitively but their high-pitched rapid-fire pronunciation makes them hard to understand.

Did you know?

Five Parsecs From Home takes place roughly 500 years into our future.

ENCOUNTER: Rogue Mercs reported!

After a chemical warfare incident, sector governments have declared the “Hells Salamanders” mercenary unit outlawed and exiled.

A modest bounty has been set.

If you wish to hunt the Salamanders, carry out a successful Track action, as if you were tracking a Rival. A result of 5+ is a success. Alternatively 1 Story Point may be spent.

Count the Salamanders as an Unknown Merc enemy (Hired Muscle table). Add 1 additional enemy with a Hyper Blaster.

If you Hold the Field, claim 2 credits of additional bounty.

ENCOUNTER: Shuttle Crash!

A shuttle crash has been reported outside Soulless research station BJZ-23. The unmanned shuttle is reported by shadow-market informants to have been carrying Barilikan Energy Modules.

If you wish to search the crash site, fight an Opportunity battle with the Patrol objective. The opposition will be War Bots with 2 additional enemies encountered.

If you Hold the Field, you may roll three times for Battle Field Finds (instead of the typical one attempt).

ENCOUNTER: Gun-slinging stranger

The talk in bars and gambling dens is of a strange gun slinger that roams the Fringe, interfering where they find injustice or evil doing. Which is generally everywhere.

When fighting a battle against Criminal Elements roll 1D6. On a 6, a Freelancer joins on your side. They count as Reactions 4 and may shoot twice per turn, but the shots must be taken at 2 different targets.

Add 4 additional basic enemies to those encountered.


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