Fallout: Factions

Fast-paced PvP skirmish action in the Fallout universe!

Buy the ticket, take the ride!

From the veteran designer James Hewitt (Necromunda, Adeptus Titanicus, Hellboy -The Board Game) comes Fallout: Factions, a brand new fast-paced PvP tabletop skirmish game where crews of raiders battle it out for control of Nuka-World, America’s number one vacation destination turned brutal wasteland battleground!

What’s your raider flavor?

Choose from one of three raider gangs: The Operators, who bring maximum firepower and tactical flexibility; The bloodthirsty Disciples, who are sadistic killers at both range and melee; or The Pack, who always move in to do what they do best: brutal close-range kills! The question is: what’s your raider flavor?

Time for things to get dangerous!

Using standard ten-sided dice and featuring a streamlined resolution system, Fallout: Factions is great for beginners interested in exploring miniature wargaming and veterans looking for fast games full of tactical nuance. Build your crew, select your ploys, and watch your team grow into a legendary fighting force! 

Fallout: Factions - ‘Battle for Nukaworld’ Starter Set

The Fallout: Factions ‘Battle for Nuka-World’ Starter Set contains everything players need to get started: two sets of multi-part hard plastic miniatures, as well as all the rules, dice, tokens, and slot-together terrain, making it ideal for video game fans who have been wanting to take the plunge into tabletop wargaming!

It’s not just newcomers to wargaming who will love Fallout: Factions. The streamlined rules offer experienced tabletop gamers a multitude of decisions and tactical possibilities, and gameplay has been designed to be suitable for organized play and casual pick-up games alike. Whatever your level of experience, this game has something for everyone.

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