Unified Space - Transmission Three

by Ivan Sorensen


Welcome to the third transmission into Unified Space.

In these transmissions you will find snippets of data, current events and psionic overflow usable in your games of Five Parsecs From Home.

You'll find some encounters below to add to your games. Each encounter can occur once in a given campaign.


The Converted Threat

The species known as the Converted have an unknown origin, though their host world has been identified to a high degree of accuracy. Their original biological forms are unknown, though they are suspected to be humanoid in form and roughly human-sized.

At some point in their history, wide-spread conversion into cybernetic organisms took place producing the species that now menace worlds all across known space.

Attempts to negotiate have proven a failure. The Converted will only accept submission, which always results in harvesting the population for conversion. If the population of a world resists, the Converted will invade and harvest the corpses instead.

Individual converted have less to no individual intelligence. It is suspected that a central controlling network is used to provide commands, though isolated units have sufficient basic programming to conduct fundamental combat operations.012


Did you know?

To communicate beyond the speed of travel requires a method of communication that transcends travel times. Only the Precursors and Swift have access to this through psionic means.

It is suspected the Converted have a technological answer as well, but raids have failed to capture a usable device.


ENCOUNTER: The ISS Wellington is going down!

A merchant transport has been emitting Final Response signals, indicating that an imminent crash with little chance of survival.

To investigate, play an Opportunity Mission. Place 6 crates around the table. The enemy will attempt to reach these crates regardless of AI type.

Moving into contact with a crate secures 1 Credit of salvageable goods. An enemy reaching a crate will then attempt to leave the table, dropping the crate in place if you kill them.

Any crates not collected by a character by the end of turn 4 self-destruct.


ENCOUNTER: Unity bounty

All Unity channels have been broadcasting a bounty for known terrorist Tesimund Cor.

To hunt Cor, take a crew action and roll 10+ on 2D6. You may add a cumulative +1 for each prior attempt.

When you find him, play an Opportunity mission. Cor is a Hired Killer with an Armor Saving Throw. He carries two machine pistols and can fire both simultaneously.

He is accompanied by a squad of 7 Renegade Soldiers. Generate weaponry as normal.

Bringing Cor down is worth 1D3 Credits. Defeating him in a Brawl (for capture) is worth 1D3 Credits and a Loot roll.


ENCOUNTER: Jumping Lizard Cull

The world of Tolbukhin-III reports an explosion in the population of Razor-Fang Jumping lizards.

To help with the cull, fight an opportunity battle against Sand-Runners. Add +4 to the number encountered. The terrain should be a dense jungle with as many plant features as possible. Visibility is limited to 10”.
A reward of a bonus Loot roll is available for Holding the Field.


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