Modiphius Entertainment Makes a Statement on Ukraine and Announces Charity Donations

Chris and Rita Birch, founders of Modiphius Entertainment, are sharing the following statement regarding the Ukraine. Along with this, the company has launched a charitable campaign where all proceeds from the sales of the PDF versions of the company’s tabletop RPGs, wargames, and adventure products sold via the company’s online store or via DriveThruRPG, will be donated to Ukraine-relief charities. 

We have all been deeply affected by the events of the past week and we at Modiphius deplore the humanitarian disaster unfolding due to the invasion of Ukraine and we join the cries for an end to the war,” say Chris and Rita. 

UKRAINE UPDATE. Thanks so much to everyone who supported the PDF charity drive at the weekend we raised £9600 which we’ve increased to £10,000 and our friends at Supernova Capital have doubled this to £20,000! We have already started using this money to help various small groups.  

GOT A ROOM? You can still help - if you’re in Europe and have a spare room this site helps connect people with refugees looking for somewhere safe, it can be long term or short term. Over 5000 offered their houses for free so far, and hundreds of people have found accommodation in the past few days 

EVAC THE VULNERABLE This group help vulnerable people evacuate who cannot make it to rail stations such as old people & pets, disabled, etc. They get them across the border and to a safe place

MEDICAL SUPPLIES TO FRONTLINE We’re working with this UK based Ukrainian group purchasing medical supplies in the UK and shipping to Kyev and Kharkiv and just confirmed an order of £10,000 of urgent medikits that will be shipped for free to the frontlines. 

COMMUNITY Ukrainian Tabletop company Tortuga Bar are helping employees families survive or evacuate from frontlines  - so far 5 families from Zaporizhia region, distribution of food, water, medicines, baby food etc. Make donations through their website.



If you would prefer to donate money direct, provide supplies, or volunteer to help with local organisations, we recommend checking out our Ukraine resources below which contains more information and links to many different organisations involved in a variety of aid programmes so you can donate or offer practical help. We will update this list as time goes on. 


Humanitarian Support


Medical Aid

Refugee Support

Support for Children


National Public Radio lists several organisation looking for help.  

Want to volunteer?

This is a list of various organisation seeking remote volunteers to support Ukraine. This is not an exhaustive list. It has been compiled by the Oxford University Ukrainian Society. We are not able to take any responsibility for the information provided here.

Translators for Refugees

Provide Medical Supplies

Various Volunteering

Want to sign a petition or 2?

Click here for a list by Ukrainian Institute in London