Unified Space - Transmission Two

by Ivan Sorensen


Welcome to the second transmission into Unified Space.

In these transmissions you will find snippets of data, current events and psionic overflow usable in your games of Five Parsecs From Home.

You'll find some encounters below to add to your games. Each encounter can occur once in a given campaign.


The Tiran IV treaties

Ratified by each of the major galactic powers, the Tiran IV treaties have two important dictates:
The first is that any bio-mod project may not utilize genetic material from more than a single sapient species. This restriction was insisted upon by the Precursors and K’Erin and violations are subject to military intervention under galactic law.

The second is that any attempt at creating or enhancing psionic potential through genetic modification is illegal. This restriction tends to be self-enforcing as such modifications almost invariably result in catastrophic side effects.

Despite galactic law, any number of illegal corporate research projects take place far beyond the reaches of Unity agents or investigative groups.


Did you know?

The rat-like Skulkers are the only species in the galaxy to be rated as completely free of any species-driven prejudice.


ENCOUNTER: Strange orb!

A wealthy but secretive patron known only as “The Executive” has offered a substantial bounty for a strange, metallic orb of unknown origins.

When finding a Patron next, you may take on this job. The job works as a Quest, with all enemies rolled on the Roving Threats table. Add +1 to the number encountered in each battle.

When the Quest is completed, you may claim 2D3 additional Credits in pay. If you opt to hold on to the orb, note it down for future reference and add 3 Rivals (Bounty Hunters, Vigilantes, Enforcers) that will follow you off-world.


ENCOUNTER: Converted agents!

Authorities report an increase in infiltration attempts from the brutal cyborg species known as the Converted.

If you want to do your part, fight an Opportunity Mission against Converted Infiltrators. Add +2 to the number encountered and replace one base enemy weapon with a Hyper Blaster.

Claim 1 Story Point and a bonus Loot roll if you Hold the Field.


ENCOUNTER: Bad batch of fuel

A contaminated batch of starship fuel has entered circulation. Authorities report that fuel-cells marked with serial numbers ending in B893Z or higher should be discarded.

When traveling to a new world next, roll 1D6. You must remain on the new world for this number of turns to flush the drives.

Once this is done, you may add 1D6 Credits from a class-action lawsuit about the manufacturer.


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