Star Trek Adventures MISSION PDF 013 The Sleeping Beast

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“From the Record of Battle: We have received a call for aid from the captain of the scout ship IuSpet, who has discovered a rogue asteroid on a collision path with the agricultural planet N’Stegh. The IuSpet’s commander has been stymied in her efforts to surmount this threat to our food supplies. Failure to best such a seemingly trivial challenge confounds me. Either the mettle of the ship’s complement has fallen sharply, or more is afoot here. We are now at high warp. We shall rendezvous with the IuSpet and the asteroid with a single day to prevent N’Stegh’s destruction. Whatever has hindered the IuSpet’s efforts, the task falls to us now. And in Kahless’ name, we will prevail!”

N’Stegh is one of the Klingon Empire’s critical agricultural worlds. If the player characters cannot avert the collision, the impact will devastate the planet’s biosphere, rendering the planet uninhabitable, displacing millions of farmers and causing a catastrophic food shortage in the Empire’s rimward systems. The adventure also presents a potential encounter with a strange alien presence, which the player characters may choose to deal with through scientific analysis, the use of force, or a combination of both.

Although this is a standalone adventure, a one-page mission brief provides inspiration for continuing the mission.

This 20-page PDF adventure for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game is written by Chris McCarver, and is set during The Next Generation era, with the players being the crew of a Klingon ship. It could just as easily be played in any time period, as the events take place entirely within Klingon territorial space and the Empire’s political relationships with other polities is not a factor.

This adventure requires a Star Trek Adventures core rulebook to use. This adventure originally appeared in the Klingon Gamemaster’s Toolkit and is now available by itself.

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