Star Trek Adventures Character Sheets - PDF - FREE

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Prepare to explore the final frontier with these Star Trek Adventures character PDF sheets, FREE for you to download which now feature form fillable versions.

Includes: a sample character sheet which lets you record your character's species, attributes, talents, specialities and skills in the Next Generation style; an Original Series style layout and starship registry entries, which chronicle the characteristics of your Starfleet vessels, including systems, power, weapons, designation and space frame. An ample helping of character sheet goodness, to help you live long and prosper in Star Trek Adventures.

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Marcoux
Missing sheets ?

The TNG form-fillable character sheet is nice, but I would be great if the sheet would keep the information for use on la laptop or tablet.
Also I was expecting the TNG standart sheet as well, which seems to be missing. It doesn't have the blue fields so it helps when writing on a printed sheet.
Was also expecting the Starship sheet like the one found in the Core Rule Book (the sheet with the Galaxy class).
I don't really like the Original Series Character Sheet, but that's me.

Beautiful Sheets. Just a Couple of Issues...

I love the LCARS look that you've gone for with this game. Even the sheets are beautiful. I've noticed a couple of things however that are niggling about the starship sheets for TNG era. The Systems block is laid out differently than the various ships that appear in the book, both for Starfleet spaceframes and alien ships. On top of that, some ships require more space for weapons than is provided. Is there any way to remedy this? I've edited the Systems text using Adobe but unless I want to pay £30 for a copy of whichever Helvetica font you used it looks a little off.

Troy M
Great sheets, but...

Love these sheets and using them; but it would be great to have a form-fillable sheet for Supporting Characters as well.

Dirk D
Great sheets, just a few quibbles.

These sheets are well laid out and easy to read, I just wish there were a few upgrades.

A greyscale version for easy to read printouts on a B/W printer.
A form fillable version so that it could be filled out without being printed, allowing tablet/laptop use at the table.

Also, one small issue, the TOS sheet reads "Personal File", which is far different from the more expected "Personnel File" label on the TNG version.

We're working on these Dirk, hope to update the file shortly

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