Star Trek Adventures BRIEFS PDF 016 The Alpha Quadrant

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With a long service history, the U.S.S. Enterprise and its crew under Captain Kirk have been present at many historical events for the Federation. These events often create a ripple effect across the Galaxy, causing changes no one could have expected or predicted; changes that can be for the betterment - or loss - of all.

The ten missions contained in this pack relate to or take place during events from the 23rd century (Strange New Worlds and Star Trek original series era; approximately 2260–2300), and can be modified to fit into your own Star Trek Adventures campaigns. While most of the adventures can be played as stand-alone entries, two are meant to be played in sequence with each other. Each adventure also offers details or further paths towards the future.

This is a PDF product; upon purchase you will be emailed a link to access it. There is no print version of this product. You will receive a standard version of the PDF with dark text on light background.

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