Star Trek Adventures: BRIEFS 005 - Starbase Adventures - FREE PDF

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As beings explore the Galaxy, they often build or create waypoints in the form of a starbase, space station, planetary outpost, or the like. These waypoints often act as gathering places for a wider variety of interstellar traveller, and are often magnets for adventure and intrigue. Starfleet officers and other explorers and travellers encounter a wide variety of situations – be they hazardous or benign – while stationed at, or visiting, these types of waypoints.

This packet presents ten detailed mission briefs oriented around a variety of starbase encounters, each of which you can modify for use in your Star Trek Adventures campaigns set during The Next Generation (approximately 2360-2379) or any other era of play with minor modifications. Each mission brief is designed to stand alone, though they could be strung together into a story arc or added to an existing campaign.

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