Primordial RollVsEvil Ring & Badges

Size: Small
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Modiphius & RollVsEvil join forces with Primordial Rings! 

Primordial Rings let you make a statement with your favourite pin badges! Use the pin to attach the badge to the surface of the ring, so you can display your feelings in a way that’s as interchangeable as your mood. You can show your support for Ukraine, RollVsEvil, or your favourite band, and ‘wear your heart on your hand’. They work perfectly with any standard size pin badges, so you can customise and change the look as often as you like.

These are the first production run of Primordial Rings, made out of silky, solid, stainless steel that makes them durable and unique. They are being sold EXCLUSIVELY in aid of RollVsEvil. Each ring comes with 3 pin badges: 2 Ukrainian and 1 RollVsEvil. 

Show that you support Ukraine via RollvsEvil by wearing one of these badges on your ring. 50% of receipts from every sale are being donated to RollVsEvil’s frontline aid work. This money is doubled by our friends Paul and Linda Wedgwood at Supernova Capital so, in fact, for every £1/$1 you spend on these rings, £1/$1 is donated to the aid work. You can find out more about RollVsEvil fundraising at

Primordial Rings are a dynamic and energetic way to display your likes and loves on your hands, instead of being static on a jacket or shirt. The ring becomes a conversation piece, demonstrating support for your favourite games, music or cause in a bold kinetic way! 

The sizes available are 6 small, 7 medium & 9 large. See the size chart to check what size is best for you. 

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