Mindjammer - Hearts & Minds Adventure

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Mindjammer - Hearts and Minds – Saving a World on the Brink of War!

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“One hundred years ago no one had even heard of aliens. Then the sightings began — uncanny lights by the Snow-Layer, anomalies on our radar, strange reports from lone farmers or the pithecines in the backwoods. Some people thought it was the brave explorers of legend, returned from fabled Homeworld to help us in our hour of need; others thought it was the precursor to an invasion by an alien race, with designs on the fertile lands of our cratered home.
“Twenty years ago they announced themselves — and it was both. The Homeworlders had come, in force, and were nothing like our myths foretold. Heedless of our ways, they swept in like a whirlwind, and it seemed there was nothing we could do to stop them.
“They called themselves The Commonality...”

The world of Olkennedy is on the brink of civil war. Deadly factions with nefarious agendas conspire for power in a society reeling from culture shock, and your characters are the only thing holding back a bloody conflict which will tear the planet apart!

Hearts and Minds includes:

- A whole rediscovered world — maps, biosphere, civilisation, and society;
- A thrilling multi-session scenario of conflict, investigation, and intrigue against the backdrop of developing civil war;
- Details of Commonality factions;
- Guidelines for convention and one-shot play;
- An action-packed scenario for Mindjammer — The Roleplaying Game. The Mindjammer — The Roleplaying Game core book is required for play.

Mindjammer. It is the Second Age of Space the transhuman adventure is just beginning! 

Press Release


- "This book introduces a fascinating world to explore as well as a full-blown adventure.” 

- "Here are a wealth of resources that should provide your group with some memorable adventures.” 

Find out more about Mindjammer at www.mindjammer.com and www.mindjammerpress.com


"Hearts And Minds is a political/action adventure straight from our times, despite the sci-fi trappings." - RPG.net

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Customer Reviews

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War, war or Jaw, jaw - let your players decide!

See review at http://www.rpg-resource.org.uk/index.php?article=7564&visual=4 (I wrote more than would fit in here!) Suffice to say, excellent setting and adventure that you can imagine happening somewhere, somewhen - it's a big galaxy after all!

Brass Jester

This is what Mindjammer needed – a well-thought out and designed adventure. Sarah has taken the adventure outline out of the CR and expanded it into a full adventure in four parts; plus giving a lot more detail to the world of Olkennedy. Throughout the text are references back to the CR; when read in conjunction this gives a good insight into adventure design and how to run the adventure.
The adventure itself is in four Episodes; each Episode is in a sandbox format; following the initial Hook each section of the Episode is presented with several options for the PC’s to follow. Basically, a civil war is brewing on Olkennedy; the PC’s can take sides or try and remain neutral (unlikely). Also; there are several sub-plots which they can get involved in.
One thing is obvious – Sarah does not think small. This is not a series of minor encounters like “Go and steal an item off an important person”. Instead, the actions and events are on a planetary scale; with PC’s making decisions and taking actions that can affect entire cultures and economies. Space opera on a grand scale; but all cross-referenced within itself and to the CR to make it easy for the GM.
I am writing a set of adventures for Mindjammer; having read “Hearts and Minds” I am revising some of my basic concepts. This has set the bar very high indeed and I expect that subsequent adventures will raise the bar even higher.

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