Mindjammer - Dominion

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An Ancient War-Ravaged World and a Deadly Foe!

Quickstart primer and introductory adventure for Mindjammer — The Roleplaying Game.

Beyond the borders of the New Commonality of Humankind lies the Sentient Alliance, turbulent worlds where the embers of the Venu War still glow. And yet, stretched thin, the Commonality still tries to keep the light of civilisation alive. Join a team of recruits to SCI Force—the Security and Cultural Integrity Instrumentality—on a mission gone horribly wrong on the cold war frontier with the Venu Successor States. Can you rise to the occasion and save the day before yet another world falls before the encroaching night? 

Dominion includes:

  •  Quickstart rules to enable you to play a Mindjammer game with just this book!
  • Four pregenerated characters to get started right away;
  • Descriptions, maps, and plans of a strange alien world with an exotic lost colony civilisation;
  • A complete action-packed adventure showcasing the Mindjammer setting and rules, playable in one or more sessions. 

Experience the Mindjammer universe up close and personal as you join in the battle for… Dominion!


"Dominion Quickstart Rules and Adventure are a must-buy introduction to the RPG. - RPG Net

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Customer Reviews

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Megan Robertson
An RPG Resource Review

The book opens with a brief overview of what Mindjammer is all about and an excellent concise summary of how the Fate ruleset works. Even if you do not intend to play Mindjammer, this is almost worth picking up for the Fate overview alone - excellent for introducing new players to the game mechanics. However for those who will be playing Mindjammer, comments relating to the game are woven through it, so again even if you don't need the introductory adventure, your players might find it a useful quick reference to the rules.

This is an excellent introduction to this game which makes the most of its particular character and should give your group a good idea if this is a system they'd like to play longterm.

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