KULT: Labyrinths & Secret Chambers

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Winner of the Silver 2022 ENNIE Awards for Best Cartography AND Best RPG Related Product

This bundle includes a pad with 100 unique locations. It is meant to be a handy tool for the Gamemaster when prepping locations for a scenario or in need of a reference (or perhaps some wild inspiration) during play. Here you will find locations like apartments, hospitals, penthouse floors, gas stations, subway systems, motels, alleyways, as well as strange labyrinths and locations beyond the realm of Elysium.

Each map comes with an assortment of descriptions that are meant to inspire and help setting the tone. A motel might have three variations: Seedy, Tidy or Abandoned. Each variation helps the Gamemaster find the right tone for the scene.

Besides the pad with the maps and floor plans, the bundle includes a 64 page booklet with extra information, lists of locations, things you may find in rooms, blank maps of apartments, and common locations that are easy to modify for a Gamemaster or a player and make it into the character's living space and more.

You will immediately receive an accompanying PDF upon completion of purchase.

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