Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Super Mutants: Suiciders

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These Suiciders deliver a powerful punch with their mini nukes!


  • 3x Super Mutant Suiciders
  • 3x Scenic bases


2x Large cards: Unit, AI and 10+ Small cards from a range of: Item (Weapon, Equipment, Chem), Boost, Explore, Event, Wasteland (Danger, Creature, Stranger).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
why are there suciders?

I mean there is a shortage of FEV to make more super mutants and the certain problem with the gametes that the FEV fixes which caused sterilization. So my question remains how come some are suiciders LOL? guess thats why i have mostly referred to them as the stupid mutants.

All pondering aside these models with the other mutants in the resin series are superbly detailed; as the other reviewer states the level of detail is just amazing on the small scale.
From the rope/chain belt, to the chains and wires that are presumably future shrapnel. I really had a fun time painting these ones in particular, with lots of highlights and places that a wash or two really helps sell realism, the result is i think besides the hounds these three are my favorite paint jobs in the mutant category. Cobblestones/ lights wires/chains besides the one guy that IMO is actually exploding at the instant of capture (so i painted the ground exploding to correspond)

Maxwell Grubb
Gorgeous, highly detailed minis!

So happy to see the immense quality of these minis. The chains across their bodies, the muscle indentation of the skin, the bricks on the ground... it's all perfect. There is a bit of flash left on the models and a few mold lines but nothing bad at all. Very easy clean up. I cannot wait to paint these models. Thanks for such a quality product, Modiphius!

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