Not The End - Tokens Set

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The Not The End roleplaying game is based on HexSys, an original diceless game system that uses tokens of different colours to resolve important situations during the story.

When a player makes a test, they take as many negative tokens as the difficulty and as many positive tokens as the Hero's traits they wish to bring into play to pass the test, and mix them together in a bag. They then draw from the bag a number of tokens of their choice between 1 and 4. The positive tokens they have drawn indicate how well things have gone, while the negative tokens indicate how complicated the situation is. It is up to the player to decide how to spend the tokens drawn during a test; positive tokens can be spent to improve the outcome of the test or improve the Hero's traits, negative tokens can be spent to impose misfortunes on the Hero or to complicate the scene.

The Not The End tokens set includes a black fabric bag and 20 transparent 3cm diameter acrylic tokens (10 orange, 10 purple). These tokens have been designed to be easy to tell apart regardless of any colourblindness the user may have.

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