Mythic Commander Core Rulebook

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Summon your warriors, lead your forces to victory, and become a MYTHIC COMMANDER

Mythic Commander is a fast-paced two-player wargame that allows each general to lead an army of warriors, monsters, mages, and siege weapons in a clash of blades, arrows, and magic.

Build your army from an array of different choices and test your tactical skill against an opponent on the battlefield. Achieve victory by outwitting your enemy and destroying their forces.

Issue orders to control your forces and unleash powerful magics using the game’s Command and Spell Cards.

Customise your army by mixing your choice of 7 factions with 6 civilisations, each of which contains different upgrades that alter the abilities of your army’s soldiers on the battlefield.

This game comes complete with a double-sided map and army tokens to get you playing right away – you just need some six-sided dice. Mythic Commander is also compatible with any fantasy miniatures you have – bases all the way up to up to 40mm can be used on the maps provided, but any size is possible on your own battlefield by following the guidelines included in the rulebook.


  • A 40-page Rulebook containing all of the game’s rules and tutorials to learn step-by-step.
  • 7 different fantasy armies with 6 customisable options! 6 Scenarios that can be played in any order.
  • A double-sided folding map used as the game’s battlefield.
  • 98 punch-out Game Cards: 60 Command Cards, 36 Spell Cards, 1 Fortune of War Card, and 1 Round Tracker card.
  • 97 punch-out tokens: 48 double-sided Unit Tokens, 35 double-sided Damage Tokens, and 14 double-sided Morale and Retreat Tokens.

2 Players. 45-60 Mins. Ages 14+

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Customer Reviews

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Wargames Solitarios
Wonderful approach to Fantasy warfare

Easy to play wargame but yet large options of customization your army with a point based system. You get to choose between 7 factions (12 types of units/hero each, them between 6 civilisations (6 unique upgrades each plus another 12 traits more for champions plus 20 different equipment upgrades. Along with 6 school of magic (6 unique spells each) and an 80 command card deck that will alter the normal secuence of the round and the actions that units can take, all packed in a 13 page rule set (examples and tutorials included) plus 6 pages detailing units and heroes and keywords plus 18 pages on how to build and customize your army (this is what makes the game so interesting) plus 3 pages of scenarios. You can play the game either with the counters suggested or with actual miniatures, in the later case, you will need to find a suitable square grindded board/mat. In any case, yo have to provide a bunch of d6s since this game is a feast of dice game with a lot of fun before the game (building your army) and during the game (interrumpting the enemy´s turn with command cards and spells alike). If I could ask for something else, that would be a few progression charts for heros and commanders, in an RPG style. All and all, a "fantastic fantasy" ruleset.

Excellent package

This a superb 'little' package for the money. The quality of the rulebook and components are excellent and while the cards might be a little thin once sleeved you will not notice. The game itself is completely agnostic in regards figures/miniature, races, nations, and scale. This is very much to its advantage: let your imagination and figure collection run riot. No figures? No problem as the set comes with double-sided thick cardstock units. The game plays very easily and also very well. As a wargame it provides plenty of tension and moments of heroism from your units. The magic system is slick and fun.

I really hope more maps and units sheets are produced as this game has the potential for plenty of expansion. I thoroughly recommend.

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