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Welcome to the Game of Ultra-modern Military Missions

Shrouded in darkness, members of an elite military silently approach a dilapidated building. A door shatters, and they enter, advancing without fear, with the anticipation of inevitable close-quarter combat. These tier one operatives have a mission to complete. Failure isn’t an option.

A tabletop solo game – easy to learn and quick to play

Select your fire team, enter the combat zone, and target your mission objectives. Be prepared for a multitude of situations and increasing tactical depth with each game. Play with ready-to-go soldier cards, or tailor the gear in each of your soldiers’ loadouts. You can even build your soldiers from scratch with optional advanced rules.

  • 48-page rulebook includes basic rules, advanced options, 10 ready-made missions, and enemy AI for fluid, intuitive gameplay
  • 34 soldier cards representing operatives from 5 military forces, from CIA and Delta Force to British SAS, with every stat needed to start, and their own faction specialties
  • 21 gear cards from grenade launchers and drones to Caesar the Attack Dog
  • 18 enemy cards detailing Criminal Syndicates, Insurgents, Militia, and the Dark Lake Tactical Group private army, each with tailored tactics
  • 29 sitrep cards for a unique fog-of-war mechanic with a true sense of battlefield uncertainties, adding unique twists to the encounter, and adding ultimate replayability
  • Plus tokens, soldier tracking sheets, and 2 Maneuver Cards

 You will receive the complementary digital edition immediately upon purchase.

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