Airfix Battles: Base game + force deck bundle

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Quick Battles With Your Plastic Soldiers! The perfect gift!
A fast and fun introductory wargame playable with all your Airfix figures and vehicles. Airfix Battles comes with everything you need to play exciting World War Two battles straight out of the box including die cut cardboard counters for tanks, infantry and guns in case you don't have any figures to hand.
Airfix Battles lets you plan your army using the Force Deck. Draw the cards or select the ones you need to build an exciting army to challenge your friends. Set up the battle using step by step instructions in the Mission book and you're ready to play. Each player has a hand of Command Cards to move and fight their forces, or bring in artillery support. You'll never know what your opponent is going to do next! Find out more at
Game Design by Nick Fallon, Alan Paull & Chris Birch
Players: 1-4
Ages: 10+
Playing Time: 30-60mins
  • - 2 x Double-sided A2(420mm x 594mm) Maps
  • - Over 100 cardboard counters of US & German tanks, infantry and terrain!
  • - 1 x 16 page Mission Book
  • - 1 x 32 page Rule Book including rules for solo play up to 4 players
  • - 1 x 54 Card Force Deck (tanks, infantry, guns, officers, 
  • - 1 x 54 Card Command Deck
  • - 10 x Six-Sided Dice 
This Special Bundle Comes with the Bonus Force Deck worth £5 which features: 
- A bonus campaign in PDF: Airfix Battles: Operation Cobra giving you lots of extra missions to play!
- A 24 card Reinforcement Pack 1 consisting extra British units and tanks like the German King Tiger and Sherman Calliope rocket launcher tank!
Check out the unboxing video with Chris Birch below

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Customer Reviews

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James Stiles
One of the Guys this was aimed at!

I'd never played a war game before finding 'Airfix Battles' at a car boot sale. So, for me, this really was an introductory wargame...but why stop there? With good marketing - and that's all this product needs - and you're sitting on a gold mine.

With new products this could compete with some of the other producers out there like 'Flames of War'.

And here's how the expansion games could really get a jump start. You know how Airfix used to make those tiny soldiers about 2cm long (and maybe they still do?)? Well, how about armies of tanks on a similarly small scale - but half that. You could do each tank in two pieces - the chassis and the turret. The turret would fit into the chassis in a similar way to how Airfix's tiny Roman soldiers used to have protrusions on the arms of the soldiers to fit into the shields. Think of it, a box of plastic tanks (well cut, mind) about 20 per box for just over a fiver. That, and some inexpensive mouse mat style tiles which fit together nicely to make for larger scenes (with transparent grid marked overlays) and Airfix would be raking it in.

And if you keep it all inexpensive as you have this product you could keep prices down because you'd make your money on quantity of sales rather than on hiked prices. Shall I dream on?

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