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"The Advanced Player's Guide excels as a book of crunchy yet non-binding options for the grim world of Symbaroum. I can't see how a committed player will keep on playing with the Core Rulebook alone when the present treasure trove exists." - RPG.Net review

The chanting of the cultists came drifting with the breeze. Dorael-Ri had tracked them all the way from the settlement of Merel, at the border of Davokar.
A small, human child – one of few to survive the massacre – had asked how he dared to travel the woods alone. “In Davokar you are never alone,” he had answered. “Not me, nor you, no one…”

Aided by mystical rituals Dorael had managed to follow the cold tracks, but now the enemy was close enough for his friend and servant, the owl Strigi, to take over the hunt. He raised his black sword, took a deep breath and placed the Horn Mask over his face; vengeful spirits immediately flocked around him, veiling him from the world.

The sword quivered in his hand, hungering for tainted flesh and blood. “Soon my dear, soon,” he whispered. “For this enemy, simpler steel will do.”

He put the hallowed sword back in its scabbard and drew the shorter blade that had belonged to his sister. Soon he lunged through the forest, with Strigi soaring at his side. The first enemy fell before any of the cultists realized that the avenger had come.


The Advanced Player’s Guide expands on every aspect of the Player’s Guide section in the Symbaroum Core Rulebook and is equally useful for players and Game Masters. The book is brimming with new races, occupations, abilities, powers and rituals, also with lots of new equipment that will influence how the game is played. Moreover, if you take all optional rules in regard, along with its contribution to the expansion of the game world, it is hardly any doubt that the Advanced Player’s Guide is a must for everyone who cannot wait to walk further into the shadowy halls of Davokar!

Featured content
 Five new playable races, in the form of Elf, Abducted Human, Dwarf, Troll and Undead.
 About twenty new occupations, out of which some are so called Professions that the characters can strive to reach – for example Inquisitor, Monster Hunter, Wrath Guard and Pyromancer.
 A system of Boons and Burdens, effective in problem solving situations and perfect for adding color to the character.
 About fifty new Abilities and Rituals – some exclusive for members of the Professions, others only available to a certain archetype.
 Rules on the crafting of artifacts and items, along with creatable Lower Artifacts and Mystical Qualities to instill into the masterworks.
 Alchemical weapons in the form of explosive grenades and fire tubes, the latter either stationary or carried by members of the occupation Sapper.

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Customer Reviews

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Mike N
Buy it!

If you are serious enough about Symbaroum to have bought the Core Rulebook, then you should have this too. In particular, the expanded equipment lists (including minor magic items), the Boons and Burdens (i.e. minor advantages and disadvantages) and more Abilities help to round out player characters, kit and ideas for the GM.

Joel G
A fine addition

Without this, the core book felt solid, but with this, the setting really shines. The Hunter fills in a bit of a gap in the archetypes and the additional occupations and professions round out the character options nicely. None of the additional content seems superfluous and all of it serves to deepen the setting and rules.

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