Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Commonwealth Bundle

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Save around 20% and get everything from the Commonwealth Wave!

The Commonwealth spans the rolling hills and scorched forests of the north to the broken coast and its rusting industry in the east. It sweeps through the decaying urban sprawl of Boston and out into the irradiated wasteland of the glowing sea and is home to a wide variety of creatures, groups, new factions, and additions to existing factions.

This amazing value bundle includes EVERYTHING released as part of the Commonwealth wave for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. Including fourteen sets of miniatures (see full contents list below) and a free copy of the Commonwealth Rules Expansion, featuring all the cards and rules needed to set your games of Wasteland Warfare in the once busy Boston streets, or out as far as the ever deadly Glowing Sea! 

Everything you need to field these forces is in this bundle.


  • Commonwealth Rules Expansion
  • Railroad Core Box
  • Railroad Operatives
  • Gunners Core Box
  • Gunners Conquerors of Quincy
  • Robots Protectron Workers
  • Robots Mr Handy Pack
  • Children of Atom Zealot Congregation
  • Super Mutants Swan
  • Creatures Deathclaw Matriarch
  • Creatures Mongrel Scavenging Pack
  • Creatures Brahmin Herd
  • Creatures Yao Guai Ambush
  • Grognak (promo)

The Railroad Core and Operatives sets include the following: 

  • Core - Desdemona, Drummer Boy, Doctor Carrington, Mister Tims, Tinker Tom, P.A.M.
  • Operatives - Glory, Deacon (with 2 head options), 4x Railroad Heavies (2 of which have 2 weapon options)

The Gunners Core and Conquerors of Quincy sets include the following: 

  • Core - Gunner Commander, Gunner Sergeant, 2x Gunner Privates (with 2 weapon options), Gunner Conscript (with 2 weapon options)
  • Conquerors of Quincy - Clint (with 2 head options), Tessa (with 2 head options), Sergeant Baker (with 2 weapon options), Gunner Conscript

The Children of Atom Zealot Congregation set includes the following:

  • Preacher, Disciple, 4x Child of Atom (2 of which have 2 weapon options)


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WARNING! This is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 14 years of age. Choking hazard due to small parts. ATENCIÓN! Esto no es un juguete. Producto no adecuado para niños menores de 14 años. Peligro de asfixia por piezas pequeñas.

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