Raiders of the Serpent Sea: Game Master Cards (5E)

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Looking for the ultimate tool to elevate your game master skills while running Raiders of the Serpent Sea? Look no further than this stunning deck of 80 cards! With gorgeous artwork on one side, these cards serve as a visual aid that can be displayed to players during encounters and when new locations are discovered.

  • The deck contains cards for the custom monsters designed specifically for this setting. Flip the cards, and you'll find valuable insights on how to roleplay these monsters with ease.
  • You'll also find cards for all the major NPCs, giving you a quick summary of their unique personality traits and quirks.
  • Many of the new magical items introduced for the world of Grimnir are also included. As players discover and identify these items, they can refer to the corresponding card to learn about their unique powers and abilities.
  • Cards include page number references for the Campaign Book, making it easy to refer to their full details.

    Please note there is no PDF associated with this product, you will only receive the print version.

    Requires the core Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rulebooks to play.

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