Liminal Casebook (PDF)

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A werewolf pack seeking new hunting grounds. A cursed legacy. A lost faerie artefact. The grisly death of an official with eyes completely removed. A case that baffles even P Division that perhaps the player characters can solve. Faerie realms intruding on the mortal world. The sister sword of Excalibur that still exists, and can perhaps be found.

All these mysteries and more can be found in the Liminal Casebook, a 205-page PDF collection of 14 adventures for the Liminal roleplaying game, including five completely new scenarios and brand new art throughout. 

  • Designed for Liminal, but could be used for any modern supernatural game in Britain featuring vampires, the fae, ghosts, werewolves, rogue magicians, and more.
  • Scenarios can be played individually, but notes are provided on combining scenarios into a series.
  • Two scenarios designed to work with the Pax Londinium supplement, by author Neil Gow.
  • Includes all brand new art, by Jason Behnke and Paul Tomes.

Includes the previously released Cases: Prodigal Son, The Haunting House, Ghosts of Glencoe, The Repairer of Reputations, Shadow to the Light, Beneath the Stones, The Oak and the Amulet, One Boggart’s Rubbish, and The Eyes Have It. 

And five brand new Cases: Bad Blood, Mother Said I Never Should, The Crown of Winter, The Reid Legacy, and The Giant of Horcum.

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