Infinity: Shadow Affairs Campaign

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In Shadow Affairs, the brutality of the alien’s invading forces is only matched by the cynicism of the Human Sphere’s powers and hubris, placing the international base of Libra 5 in dire danger. Composed of units from the best and worst humanity can provide, the players will have to join this eclectic base and try to work it into a competent force before their enemy decides to interfere. 

The largest, most detailed campaign in the Human Sphere so far written. Designed to introduce new players into the universe of the Human Sphere while challenging the veteran player, this Campaign has something for all.

  • Detailed maps, carefully explained scenarios, and dozens of side-quests to ensure your tour in Paradiso is as twisted as the Wilderness of Mirrors!
  • Carefully balanced encounters and challenges to ensure your gameplay is exciting and hard enough to keep everyone invested.
  • NPC’s, equipment, antagonists... All the resources needed for you to run the campaign without recurring to other Sourcebooks.
  • Team Mercury! A whole team of agents ready to help, substitute, sabotage, or even battle the Player Characters, plus rules on how to convert your team of PC’s into playable N3 units!

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Customer Reviews

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Clinton Oberholster
Amazing story, poor maps

Unfortunately, as is the case with all the Infinity RPG products, the stories and artwork are AMAZING, but the provided maps leave a lot to be desired.
In this age, where playing on a VTT is the only option available to many people around the world, the low resolution - and always labeled - maps make setting up play on a VTT difficult in the extreme.
Make no mistake, I still highly recommend this and every one of the Infinity RPG books, but be aware that you will be spending time creating maps for use in these adventures, based on the rudimentary and low-res versions provided in the book.

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