Homeworld Fleet Command: Fighter Bundle

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Take your adventures in the Homeworld universe to the next level with the Fighter bundle. Containing both the Homeworld Fleet Command Core Game as well as the Scout Box which adds more capital ships, stealth fighters, extra Command cards for bigger games plus new fleets! There is no better way to start your adventure among the stars.

The Homeworld: Fleet Command Fighter Bundle Includes:

  • Homeworld: Fleet Command Board Game 
      • 50 Plastic Taiidan Ships (24 Fighters, 12 Corvettes, 12 Frigates, 1 Destroyer, 1 Carrier)
      • 51 Plastic Kushan Ships (24 Interceptors, 12 Corvettes, 12 Frigates, 1 Destroyer, 1 Carrier, 1 Mothership)
      • 1 Rulebook 
      • 1 Double-sided Game board with hex grid
      • 225 Tokens
      • 42 Unit Cards, 44 Leader Cards, 54 Command Cards, 2 Faction Cards
      • 6 Red and 6 Blue Six-sided Dice
  • Homeworld: Fleet Command Scout Box
      • 1 Metal Valour Tokens
      • 36 plastic space ship miniatures
        • 24 Cloaked Stealth Fighters
        • 2 Kushan Destroyers
        • 2 Taiidan Destroyers
        • 2 Kushan Heavy Cruisers
        • 2 Taiidan Heavy Cruisers
        • 2 Kushan Carriers
        • 2 Taiidan Carriers
      • 32 Fighter Trays
      • 2 Flagship Unit Cards (Turanic Raider, Kadesh) 
      • Kadesh Unit Cards
      • Turanic Raiders Unit Cards
      • 54 Extra Command Cards
      • 6 PDFs (To be delivered via download when they are available)
        • RPG/Board Game Crossover
        • Guest for the Burning Spear Campaign
        • Battle for Hiigara Epic Scenario
        • Raiders Retreat Scenario
        • Garden of Kadesh Scenario
        • Solo Players Guide

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Fun with friends, rules to learn. Most fun I've had with a board game.

    Lots of cool minis
    Gameplay is expansive and unique
    Great to play with friends *My friends also played the homeworld games*
    Comes with bags for pieces
    FIGHTER BUNDLE Fighter trays are a must, saves a lot of time

    Takes a little bit to set up
    Lots of rules, but it has a campaign to slowly teach you. Watch people on youtube play, it helps.
    Mothership mini had a minor warp on its stand, I was able to fix.
    Somewhat expensive.

    Overall I think this is a great game, and out of all the bundles I recommend this. The base game plus the scout pack covers all your bases for casual play with a friend. The scout pack comes with fighter trays which are a huge deal honestly. Trying to move 6 fighters individually is annoying, so the trays are a big help. I plan on buying the campaign expansion pack to get a second board, but I wont be playing enough to justify buying the fleet expansions. I will bring this camping this summer and play in the tent. I recommend counting when you are cleaning up to make sure everything is accounted for. This game is somewhat similar to that Halo fleet battles game but with less rules.

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