Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20: Operation Kindling (PDF) FREE!

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Punch Evil in the Tentacles!

Welcome to the Secret War! In Operation Kindling you’ll get your first glimpse into the hidden globe-spanning conflict between the forces of good and evil. Only you and your scrappy band of heroes can defeat the malignant forces of the occult, and the malevolent might of their Mythos masters!

In this standalone mission for use with the new free Basic Rules, your agents are dispatched on a top secret mission to support Operation Terminal, the Allied landing in Tangiers. Can you disable a Vichy radio mast, then sabotage a heavily guarded experimental shore battery which overlooks the landing? And how will you respond when a new threat arises from the waters to reclaim an ancient, long forgotten artefact?

Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 immerses you in a world of fast-paced pulp adventure, occult horror and incredible feats of derring-do. Explore ancient ruins and forbidden knowledge! Battle fanatical cultists, crazed scientists, evil sorcerers, deadly Deep Ones and bizarre alien threats!

Laugh in the face of reality-warping nightmares from beyond the stars! Grow in power, gain experience and develop new skills in a series of exciting globe-trotting adventures... until you’re ready to face down the mind-shattering Master of R’lyeh - dread Cthulhu himself!


  • An exciting three-act starter mission set in 1940s North Africa
  • Comes with four pre-generated characters so you can pick up and play
  • Complete with maps and playing aids
  • For use with the FREE Basic Rules and Agents Pack

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