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Welcome, Freelancer!

As Unity extends its reach, diplomatic treaties allow for easy travel by members of minor alien polities. Across the galaxy, Krag and Skulker recruits join the already cosmopolitan galactic community. Krag and Skulker crews provide freelancer crew captains new options while undertaking salvage operations and other high-risk business.

Additionally, we are happy to report that, after persistent lobbying, Unity regulators are now allowing trained psionics to perform freelance work. Interested captains should fill out forms B343, B-F343, and A42 (supplemental) to begin the application process.

The Freelancer’s Handbook is the second expansion for the RPG-Lite adventure wargame Five Parsecs From Home 3rd edition and gives you 66 pages packed full of new options focussing on adding new characters to your crew, and on new types of adventures in Fringe space.

This digital release also includes several comprehensive rules systems that offer new and expanded ways to play. A No-Minis Combat Resolution system allows you to resolve a battle without the use of miniatures. We’ve also built on elements from the core rulebook such as more detailed mission generation and quest progression, as well as expanding the Connections rule to allow more elaborate stories to unfold.

This 66-page PDF-only expansion includes:

Character Options:

  • Meet two new crew species - the Skulkers and the Krag - and discover how to integrate psionics into your campaign.
  • New Kit - psionics, new Bot upgrades, new ship parts, and new training options.

Game Options:

  • No-Minis Combat Resolution - Play Five Parsecs without miniatures or a map.
  • Expanded Ways to Play - Expanded missions, expanded quest progression, and expanded connections.
  • Dramatic combat - New combat and weapon tweaks to make your firefights more exciting and action packed.

Scenarios & Settings:

  • Fringe World Strife - Add chaos and unpredictability to the worlds of the Fringe.
  • Loans: Who Do You Owe? - Expanded detail for your ship loans.
  • Salvage Jobs - A new type of mission that lets you explore a site full of unknown riches… and dangers.

This is the second expansion for the RPG-lite Five Parsecs From Home solo adventure wargame. Assemble a ragtag crew of galactic trailblazers and head out to explore the stars, pick up jobs, and every now and then —  engage in some action-packed, sci-fi combat!


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Flesh out 5PFH!

I enjoy 5PFH (5 Parsecs from home). This set of additional charts and rules really added to my campaign game! Vyou need 5PFH to play, but you could use these charts with other games.

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