New Dune RPG Campaign Book Parallels the Climax of the Movie

By Modiphius Entertainment

‘Dune: Fall of the Imperium’ is Available for Pre-Order Now


London, England: 25th January 2024

Pre-orders are now live for Dune: Fall of the Imperium, Modiphius Entertainment’s new campaign sourcebook for the ENnie award-winning tabletop roleplaying game, Dune: Adventures in the Imperium.

Pre-orders can be registered on and Modhiphius Entertainment’s webstores now (UK / US). The epic storyline of The Fall of the Imperium takes players through the events of Frank Herbert’s groundbreaking novel and Denis Villeneuve’s new film, Dune: Part Two, as it hits cinemas this March.

In Dune: Fall of the Imperium, players will face a deadly balancing act as they navigate their House through webs of treachery and deceit. Galactic-wide events spiral into a devastating war across a million worlds, forcing them to decide if they side with the Fremen against the Imperium, and risk the Emperor’s wrath, or remain loyal to the Imperium and face the onslaught of the Fremen’s terrible war.

Dune: Fall of the Imperium is a 144-page, full-color, hardcover campaign sourcebook that offers players four huge acts, each packed with three full-length adventures, additional story seeds, and advice on how to expand the campaign beyond the movie’s explosive finale.

Dune: Adventures in the Imperium has been described by Polygon’s Sean Mekinda as “understand[ing] what makes the book great”, and Dicebreaker’s Richard Jansen-Parkes as “a rather impressive achievement”. The series has been supported with an array of sourcebooks, PDF adventures, and accessories that flesh out the Dune universe in exciting ways.

For fans hyped for Dune: Part Two film and curious to try the tabletop game for the first time, the Agents of Dune Deluxe Starter Set provides the best entry point, containing everything needed to start running the game from the moment they open the box.   

Pre-orders are available at and Modhiphius Enterainment’s webstores (UK / US), or you can shop the whole range (UK / US)


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