Modiphis Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of two brand new Infinity Card decks, essential accessories to power your adventures in Corvus Belli’s awesome sci-fi RPG.
The Infinity Adversary Deck and Infinity GM plot deck area available as part of the Infinity Collection, exclusively on
Here are the details on these two intriguing new Card Decks, invaluable aids to busy GMs.
Adversary Deck
Friends and Enemies Everywhere! The rich history and diversity of the Infinity setting allows for a vast array of unique NPCs from all walks of life. The 54 portrait cards of this deck each contain a gorgeous image, stats, and unique plot hooks to quickly include a random encounter in your games of Infinity the Roleplaying Game.
GM Plot Deck
Infinite Possibilities! Create new scenarios or launch entire adventures set within the Infinity universe with these 54 landscape cards. With a unique piece of art to portray each plot, plus example objectives, locations, obstacles, and adversaries on the back, you’ll be able to instantly offer intriguing plots for your games of Infinity the Roleplaying Game.

These new Infinity Decks which join other recent infinity releases like Nomads,PanOceaniaAriadna and Haqqislam as part of our Infinity Collection.
Look out for more Card Decks releasing next month including a rich array of intrigues in the Infinity Wilderness of Mirrors Deck and the beautiful, terrifying and deadly sites of the Infinity universe in the Location Card Deck