What is Dark Deeds?

By Rookery Publications
Art by Mark Gibbons


The beady-eyed amongst you may have noticed that Dark Deeds is available to pre-order from our webstore. But, what is Dark Deeds, and why should you loosen your purse strings to purchase it?

Well, dig out your darkest cowl and sharpen your favourite back-stabbing blade, because this is the cult classic you’ve likely never heard of that needs to be in your game library. Why? Let’s discuss that as we dive deep into Dark Deeds, the tabletop game of malicious minions, where we’ll learn all about the scheming, shadowy and (almost certainly, if the stories are to be believed) monstrous Patron they serve.

Are you ready to join their ranks?

Welcome to the first of a new series of blog posts that unveil the secrets of Dark Deeds, a game of skullduggery and suspicion coming soon from Modiphius and Rookery Publications.

Dark Deeds is a fun, fast-paced card game for 2–5 players, designed by gaming legends, Andy Chambers and Mark Gibbons. Set in the great port-city of Anthrand, this darkly humorous game casts players as rival minions, vying for the favour of their mysterious Patron.

Favour is earned through the completion of the game’s titular Dark Deeds – a selection of challenging tasks set by the Patron. Some will be straightforward, others bafflingly obtuse, but such is the capricious will of the master all minions serve.

Completing Dark Deeds ensures players gain the Patron’s favour – but competition is fierce, so minions are encouraged to cause additional chaos (and of course, earn additional favour) on Anthrand’s grubby streets through the robbing of Citizens, confounding of Guards, and the timely ‘disposal’ of the Patron’s many troublesome Nemeses. To aid the earnest minion on their quest, useful Loot can be acquired and fiendish Plots fomented.

But, be wary. No Dark Deed goes unpunished and with each act completed in the Patron’s service, suspicion grows. Accrue too much and a minion will draw the unwanted attention of Anthrand’s varyingly vigilant, but consistently corrupt, City Watch. Furthermore, as players work to complete their Dark Deeds, other minions will be doing the same, and will likely attempt to thwart a rival’s best efforts! Consequently, a minion’s success will require careful planning, strategic manoeuvring, and just a whiff of good fortune. 

Much of the cut-throat competition in Dark Deeds plays out on the Street, a game board where Anthrand's varied inhabitants parade as minions prowl. Alongside the Street, sits the Tavern, a notorious watering hole, to which minions adjourn after a hard day’s skullduggery. Here wounds may be salved, helpful Plots unearthed, and for the boldest, additional Patron-impressing Dark Deeds acquired!

This new edition of Dark Deeds reinforces the original game’s blend of darkly whimsical humour and fast-paced action with entirely overhauled rules. The card count is fattened up to a mighty 150, all lavishly illustrated by master artist Mark Gibbons. Whether depicting luckless Citizens, dreaded Nemeses, fiendish Plots, or the many fabulous items of Loot each minion craves, every glorious card immerses you in the game’s playfully-twisted world of intrigue and danger.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for future blog posts where we delve deep into the game's mechanics, characters, and strategies, and take a look at everything this new edition offers. Our next blog will discuss the differences between the first edition and this, the upcoming Second Stab at the game. Until then, may your plans be cunning and your deeds ever darker.

Finally, you can pre-order Dark Deeds now!


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