28th Feb 2017. Tomorrow (March 1st) is the last day of priority pre-orders. What this means is if you order by end of play March 1st (US Pacific time) we guarantee to ship your pre-order at launch. You can still order after this date of course, we'll be making as much of everything as we can, but at some point we may run out so we'll be prioritising orders by date. We will be getting stock weekly from our resin factory so if you order in a couple of weeks, it may ship a week later, if you order in May before we ship it maybe a few weeks later.

We've had a truly enormous response to the pre-order - our planned first production run of the two player PVC starter box sold out so we're extending the production run and don't expect any shortages of that. We're well underway with production of the faction core sets for the Super Mutants, Brotherhood of Steel and Survivors and the rest of the resin sets are now being set up for production. They take time to get up to speed with production which is why we set this date to allow us to prepare enough stock for pre-orders and subsequent months.

FALLOUT STORE LOCATOR. if you've been thinking about ordering you can support your local store - we have a gradually updating store locator here where you can see local stores that have confirmed to us they are taking part in the pre-order - this is being updated every couple of weeks so if your local store isn't on there ask them to sign up!

WAVE 2 SNEAK PEAK! As you can see on the right we've got a lot of exciting new stuff coming in Wave 2 - primarily the next three main factions which includes the Raiders, The Enclave and The Institute but also new groups like Reilly's Rangers, Vault Dwellers, new scenic sets as well as both T45 and T51 Power Armours. The crashed Vertibird hints at the scale of the real thing, which is a thing... but more likely later in the year. There will be more support for the Survivors, Super Mutants and Brotherhood of Steel, as well a big new scenic set and a lot of creatures.

We'll be sharing a lot more about the factions and other planned sets but I wanted to give you a peak at what's coming tonight. Wave 2 will be launching around August (pending approvals) and you'll be able to pre-order it with bonuses in retail and online after Wave 1 has shipped. Our goal is to have 2-3 main Waves each year but in retail you can expect consistent monthly releases which expand each faction, introduces new creatures, robots or wasteland scenery.

There will be major campaign boxes based on the big Fallout 4 DLC's like the Automatron, Nuka World, Far Harbor, Vault Tec Workshop and Wasteland Workshop - each will add new rules, new features, new ways to play, a whole campaign, special miniatures and much more. You'll be able to actually build your base with all the scenic pieces, and then defend it against a friend or the AI, trying out strategies again and again. Or maybe you want to explore the Vault that just opened up and see what lies within? Perhaps take it over as the base of your new settlement?

We have an update on the AI rules shortly, along with the actual battle rules to download very soon along with play through videos so stay tuned!