The Undiscovered Vault/Fallout Fridays

By Jon Webb

There’s something big coming to Fallout Fridays, as part of our efforts to ignite the Fallout Wasteland Warfare fanbase. We are introducing a new programme of cool events as part of our #FalloutFriday programme.

Many of you know we like to showcase new releases, preview upcoming releases and celebrate the efforts of the community using the hashtag #FalloutFriday, but now we want to take it even further.

Each month we are going to be releasing a free PDF scenario for everyone to download and use as inspiration for their ongoing hobby. Whether you are a cut throat gamer, talented painter or creative scenery builder, you are welcome to join in the fun.

Download the first FREE scenario The Undiscovered Vault right now!

Once the PDF is released, we encourage you to download it and start planning. You have until the next month’s scenario to take part and we want you all to share your efforts on social media using the #FalloutFriday tag.

But what do we expect from you?  No matter how you enjoy Fallout Wasteland Warfare we hope that the new scenario encourages you to take part. From painting a new model or force to take part in the scenario, build a new piece of scenery to represent a key objective or part of the battlefield or through playing the game (solo, or co-op/PvP when safe to do so) we want to see WIPs, photos, battle reports and anything else that #FalloutFriday inspires.

Each month of #FalloutFriday will end on the release date of the next sets (typically the second Friday of each month but we’ll announce the next date so you know when to prepare for. On that day we encourage everyone to share their final results and we will award $50 of store credit to one participant that catches our eye. Feel free to post final pictures, in game shots and anything else linked to the day to Instagram, our Fallout Facebook groups, blogs, Discord,  Twitter or anywhere else folks gather, using the #FalloutFriday to participate.

For the first month, we are releasing our demo scenario, the Undiscovered Vault. This is often the first taste of Fallout Wasteland Warfare new players get as we run it at shows and demos and encourage our Vault Dweller team to do the same. Now everyone gets a chance to try it.

So, will you paint up one of the suggested forces (or your own, you don’t have to use what we suggest), build a cool piece of terrain or an objective marker to cover the switchbox, lost key or maybe even a buried vault door, or will you show off your games as you play through the scenario?

We can’t wait to see what you do as you participate in #FalloutFriday and there is plenty more to come. The deadline for the next #FalloutFriday to get your contribution ready is November 13th 2020.

Fallout: wasteland warfare