Basecamp Competition Winners

The votes are in and we are ready to announce the winners of the Campfire Tales and Making Camp competitions. Winners each receive a $100 credit at the Modiphius web store and runners up each receive $25. 

The quality of the entries to both competitions was very high and judging was tough! We enlisted the help of two experts to pick the winners.

Campfire Tales

We had loads of outstanding entries for the Campfire Tales competition, and we asked Ethan Heywood, our dev team Elder Scrolls champion, to decide upon the winner. We’ll be converting the winning entry as an official Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Scenario that will be released in the future. The runners up may also appear at some point too, so watch this space!


Michael Dunkerton - Children of Malacath

 Michael’s Battle Mode Quest sees the Heroes coming to the aid of an Orc Outpost that has been the victim of a vicious attack. Players must defeat enemies, collect treasures and help civilians whilst battling the other Party!

Being named Blood Kin of the Orsimer will grant the aid of every Orc Stronghold in Skyrim. This Orc encampment presents an opportunity to win their favor, and two factions scramble to seize upon this opportunity. “

Ethan’s Comments:

“At first glance, I had assumed this was one of our own scenarios in development. It's presented how we would in house, even down to the inclusion of interesting special rules and a selection of Oaths which scale in difficulty. 

This scenario is reminiscent of one of my favourite Fallout: Wasteland Warfare scenarios, Super Duper Sweep! In that scenario players must fight over scattered treasures before depositing them back at their own base. In Michael’s Children of Malacath, players instead must deposit the treasure in the centre of the battlefield, ensuring many opportunities to steal a Victory Point or two from your opponent. In addition to this the Civilians rule can provide lots of extra chaos. 

More of a personal preference, but bonus points for including Skyrim’s often overlooked Orsimer settlements and culture as the influence for the scenario.”

Gavin’s comments:

“I really liked the theme for this one. Like Ethan, I was impressed by the inclusion of the Civilian rules, and the idea of tithing treasures to gain Victory Points. Any mechanic that concentrates opposing forces is going to lead to mayhem!” 

Runners Up!

Layne Clifton - Protect the Merchant Camp

Layne’s Delve Mode scenario sees the heroes coming to the aid of a group of stranded Civilians, beset by Bandits and desperately hoping to survive the night.

“With just hours until daybreak, the merchants were hopeful that help would come. The sounds of the bandits were getting closer, but surely the messenger they sent to the city would return with an army to protect them from the murderous Bandit Chief and his clan. They just had to survive until then...”

Ethan’s Comments:

“I enjoyed this scenario as it's reminiscent of many of the random encounters found within Skyrim. Plus the Bandit chief is one fast adversary!” 

James Wakefield - Protect the Camp

James provided us with a Delve Mode scenario that showed a sneaky raid into an enemy camp, with patrolling guards and a real emphasis on stealth, but plenty of opportunities for mayhem:

Whether by stealth or blunt force, the attackers objective is often the same; to make their way to the centre of the defenders camp, avoiding or dispatching their sentries and making off with the prize before the defenders are roused to action.

Ethan’s Comments: 

“Again, another entry that could have easily been mistaken for something developed in house. An excellent example of modifying the adversary rules within a scenario to emulate an unsuspecting force unprepared for the incoming attack.” 

David Williams - Pastry to Die For

David provided a brilliant scenario (and an accompanying Campsite model) that features the Heroes interrupting an ongoing battle. As the enemies are defeated the dead will rise up to replace them. What could possibly be so important that the desire for it persists beyond death? What could keep a warrior from Sovngarde?  A tasty Sweetroll, of course. 

“The forests of Skyrim are littered with ancient sites of battle but this one seems odd to say the least. You hear the sounds of a small skirmish and come upon what looks like an unused campsite strewn with the bodies of hunters, merchants, and soldiers from both sides of the Civil War, some recent and others just bones. The camp is a mess of broken supplies and knocked over tents, and bodies. There are several people fighting over a crate sitting in the middle of camp with an untouched Sweet Roll on top. It looks tempting, it looks delicious… Unless your eyes are deceiving you, it looks like it’s still hot and steaming despite the temperature! It also looks like you’ve been spotted. The combatants stop fighting at your approach and turn to face you with weapons at the ready.” 

Ethan’s Comments: 

“This scenario made me laugh! The thought that two opposing parties decide to clash over the last Sweet Roll made me think back to growing up with my brother fighting over the best sweets in the cupboard. The addition of a post scenario ‘wrap up’ is a nice touch which adds satisfying closure to the absurdity of the scenario's premise.” 

Making Camp

Again, we had loads of amazing entries for the Making Camp competition. We asked Jon Webb, head of our Creative Services team, to dig himself out of the massive pile of resin figures he was reviewing and cast his eye over the entries.


Patrick McCabe 




Jon’s comments:   “In a close fought competition, Patrick’s entry edged out the competition. The small details, such as the arrow being fletched and the patterns on the animal skins just pushed this one into first place.”


Gavin’s comments:  “I loved the skins over the tent, and, like Jon, it was the little details, like the fletching jig, that sold it for me.”  

Runners Up

Nicholas Talbot

Jon’s comments: “A fantastic piece of terrain with some superb details and top notch paint work from Nicholas. The sweet roll is a nice touch.”


Harold Fokerman 


Jon’s comments: “Another nice little campsite, this time a chilly place to rest your head. The icicle and texture on the stones helped elevate this piece.”


Jon’s comments: “Once again we see another fine example of an Elder Scrolls tent. The variety of plants and ground textures are particularly enticing.”

Congratulations to all our winners, whose $100 Modiphius voucher will be winging its way to you, and our Runners up, whose $25 voucher will also be en-route. Many thanks for all the entries. We have really enjoyed seeing what the community can come up with and have seen some amazing creations.

Keep an eye on the webpage and social media for more competitions in the future.

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