The Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game delves into the Gamma Quadrant

Developer on Star Trek: Adventures - Jim Johnson, shared the following information decrypted from Section 31

Up to this point, the Star Trek Adventures RPG has focused on roleplaying in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, and supported primarily Starfleet-crewed starships and game experiences. With the release of the Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook, the game line expands in two major ways.

First, we soar through the Bajoran wormhole and present the Gamma Quadrant, discussing many of the species that can be found there, with a special focus on the major antagonist of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the Dominion. The book also provides detailed information about the devastating Dominion War, and presents plenty of information for gamemasters and players wanting to run adventures and campaigns set during that turbulent time period.

Second, the book expands the possibilities for player characters by providing guidance on how to add non-Starfleet player characters to your adventures and campaigns. Now, non-Federation characters like Kira Nerys, Quark, and Odo can be player characters working alongside the traditional Starfleet characters that the game has focused on.

Tying into the traditions of diversity and inclusion found within Star Trek, the Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook offers a dozen new playable species for player characters, including the Dosi, Lurians, Skreeaans, and the Son’a. In addition, the book provides statistics and advice for playing Changeling characters, for those players and gamemasters looking for interesting storytelling challenges to add to their game.

The sourcebook is rounded out by providing information on Gamma Quadrant worlds, additional starships that may be found in and around the Gamma Quadrant, details on the Dominion War, and advice on running adventures and campaigns within the Gamma Quadrant and during the Dominion War.

Expand the possibilities the unknown Gamma Quadrant to your Star Trek Adventures game experience. After all, as Captain Sisko tells us, “It is the unknown that defines our existence.”

Star Trek Adventures Gamma Quadrant is available now here.

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