The Federation in Wartime

By Al Spader, Star Trek Adventures Contributing Writer
Art by
 Ariel Orea


After Jonathan Archer and his crew of the original Enterprise helped the Klingons survive the Klingon augment virus in 2154, the Coalition of Planets, and eventually the United Federation of Planets, didn’t hear from the Klingons for nearly a century. Though it was rumored that Klingons were attacking any non-Klingon ships approaching their border during and after the Romulan War, no survivors or missing vessels were ever found.

With the Romulan War as a catalyst, the United Federation of Planets was formed, bringing together many species in peace and exploration. During the time after the war, the Federation focused on two main fronts; exploring the edges of its border and trying to bring new species into their ranks.

To reflect these efforts, The Federation-Klingon War Tactical Campaign introduces six new playable species that likely began their journey to joining the Federation during the period of time before the war. The Aenar, Arcadians, Ariolo, Betelgeusians, Coridanites, and Megarites each brought a unique perspective and boon to the war efforts, allowing the Federation to survive and even win several battles they otherwise wouldn’t have. Let’s check out the Ariolo!

The four-legged Ariolo brought their athleticism and dense musculature to the front lines of many ground battles during the war. It is said that many Ariolo could best even the most savage Klingon in hand-to-hand combat however, this wasn’t their strongest attribute on the front lines. In fact, the patience of the Ariolo was as much a weapon as their might. Willing to wait until the Klingons made a mistake before they acted, the Ariolo changed the course of several battles. 

The two species talents the Ariolo have access to represent both their powerful builds and their extreme patience, allowing them to become steadfast warriors. The Powerful Frame talent allows Ariolo to gain a free d20 when performing tasks related to physical labor. Their second talent, All In Due Time, allows an Ariolo’s patience to shine through during times of stress, reducing the Difficulty of their Presence or Control tasks by 1 while waiting for the right time to strike.

The Ariolo and the other five new playable species contained in the book expand the scope and diversity of Star Trek Adventures, and provide more tools for you and your group to play with. Enjoy!

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