Star Trek Adventures: Introducing the Klingon Quickstart

By Jim Johnson, STA Project Manager


In late 2020, Modiphius Entertainment released a new version of the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game core rulebook, focused squarely on the Klingon Empire. As we were finalizing development on the book, we planned additional releases to accompany it, including Klingon-oriented dice and a gamemaster toolkit. We also decided that a second quickstart for the game line was warranted, one likewise focused on the Klingon experience. This quickstart provides another potential point of entry to the game, one I hope fans download and play at their gaming table, be it virtual or in person.

Pulling essential rules information from the core book to include in the quickstart was a relatively simple effort, given that the book’s layout and production were complete. I had an excellent assortment of Klingon artwork to choose from, so I made sure to include some of my favorites, including this stunning piece by Nick Greenwood.

That image sparked my imagination many times over, and in short order I knew I wanted an exciting combat-focused adventure for the quickstart built around that image. The first person on my list to query about drafting the adventure was the same writer who wrote the introductory adventure in the Klingon core rulebook, Fred Love. He has a keen eye for detail and the heart of a Klingon, both of which I deeply appreciate.

I reached out to Fred and gave him the details, showed him the image, and offered him the opportunity. I’m grateful that he accepted and delivered a fun, fast-paced Klingon-specific adventure. I hope this quickstart serves as a worthy introduction to both the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game and the specific Klingon mindset we’re striving to present in the Klingon line of products.

The Klingon Quickstart provides a summary of the key rules needed to play through the quickstart adventure, the adventure “The Tip of the Bat’leth,” and six pre-generated Klingon warrior player characters, all ready for your game group to use to battle for glory and honor.

Now, ready your disruptors and bat’leths, download the quickstart adventure, gather your friends, and enter Star Trek Adventures from the Klingon point of view! Qapla’!

Thanks for reading this article, and thank you for your interest and support of Star Trek Adventures! Keep frequencies open for news about additional STA products in the coming months. Live long and prosper!

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