'Get You By? What’s That?

By Ben Maunder


Hey there! It’s been a while since I wrote one of these, but I’m glad that now I am - it’s about a really cool topic! For those who have been following along, you may have heard of this cool little game we’re working on, Fallout: Factions! Designed by the one and only James Hewitt! 

Now, we’ve written extensively about what Factions is, and I don’t want to waste your time repeating the words of people far smarter than me - so I won’t! However, I do have something new to talk about, the ‘Get you by list!

Now, as asked by my imaginary reader in the title - “What’s that?” - well I’m glad you asked! But let's start with a little wander down memory lane… When initial conversations about Factions began, there was a lot of discussion about the big question “who?”. Now, of course we started with the big four Factions, the Brotherhood of Steel, Super Mutants, Raiders and of course those scrappy ol’ Survivors - but the more we looked at that, the more we questioned it. 

What we wanted to focus on with Factions was making a great “Out of the box” experience, and make the entire opening salvo of releases really sell what we saw Factions as. So, we looked around a bit at the Fallout universe as a whole and rather than asking “who”, we asked “where?”. And then, like a Mini-nuke from off-screen, it hit us.

Where do we see a small group of Factions, in a secluded location, battling over resources and space? Well, Nuka-World of course! And from there, we continued work - and well, you’ve seen where we are now! However, where did that leave the group we began to refer to as ‘The Big Four?’. It left them with our wonderful development team of course, who tinkered and played until we had a selection of Factions lists that we knew would not only be fun to play, but would FEEL like the factions they represented.

However… how-ev-er. We built them with a specific thing in mind (hint, hint, snicker, snicker), which we’ve got planned for the future - which, you might see before the bombs drop - who knows? But, of course we know that everyone who will be playing Factions, will probably want to play with the Big Four? So in comes our fix, the ‘Get You By List!

The ‘Get You By List' is exactly what it sounds like, a temporary Faction list built with the resin miniatures we already have available so you can get them to the table immediately (unless you don’t have the resins yet, in which case…. ‘cough-https://www.modiphius.net/collections/fallout-wasteland-warfare cough’). To begin with, we’ve released the ‘Get You By’s’ for the Big Four, which contain everything needed to field them in Factions (barring the models, rulebook, dice, table and friends/enemies to play against).

Now the eagle eyed among you may notice the wee, V1.0 hiding at the top of the files - now that exists as until the Official Lists (i.e. Factions Lists printed in a Rulebook) are out, we may be altering, updating and playing with the lists until such a time that the Official Lists appear in the wild - so if you see any changes in the future, it’s because we’re still tweaking and improving the experience with them! In addition, if you have any particular questions, errors or queries - you can use our standard errata form to feed that back to us!

Now, go take a look at those lists - they’re over here, oh look, aren’t they pretty? https://www.modiphius.net/pages/fallout-factions-downloads

But that's me done for today, so until the next time our paths cross in this Rad-blasted Wasteland, stay hydrated!


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