Five Leagues From the Borderlands, v 2.0 Clarifications

By Ivan Sorensen


The updated version of the Five Leagues PDF should be available to pre-orders shortly, so I thought I would do a quick overview of the couple of clarifications and tweaks that snuck into the book and which affects play or could have resulted in confusion about how the rules work.

I have not included the various typos and rewordings where the meaning was clear but I goofed on the keyboard, but we fixed a bunch of those too of course.

This post is done to help people who have printed out copies of the original release and want to use the updated stuff while waiting for their print books.

Non-Human Characters and the Will Limit

In a few rare cases, it’s possible for a non-human character to roll more than 1 point of Will. In these cases, the character now begins with 1 Will and 3 XP instead (text box on p.19).

Line of Sight and Cover

Archers within 1” of terrain and shooting over it no longer have to count their targets as being in cover (p.36).

Spell Casting

Casting has been added to the Non Combat Actions list on p.38.  Casting allows a full move.

Spells with a duration of “Activation” last until the caster has finished their next activation (p.46).

The Guidance spell has a target of “1 Ally” (p.48).

The Summon spell allows the creature to act immediately (p.50). This can be extrapolated to any other cases where a new combatant is placed on the table, unless the rules specifically state when they will act.

Mystics get the full skill bonus from Alchemy (p.52).


Unknown enemy markers (all scenarios) and Unaware enemies (Site battles) are not affected by morale dice (p.51).


Torches were rewritten since the way they worked ended up being far too fiddly. The new version allows a character to use a torch unless they are carrying a shield or bulky weapon. It produces light within 6”.

If you prefer the older version, use whichever you prefer (or both).

The Campaign Map

It is now clearer that you don’t travel hex by hex. A single travel roll always allows you to reach any location (p.111).

Site Battles

Text has been clarified to avoid groups of unaware enemies “joining up” by being near each other (p.144).

Enemy Changes

The Silenced (p.161) have been changed to receive +2/+0 damage when their ability triggers. (Piercing Blows was a proposed trait that didnt make it).

The “Not worth the risk” rule for roadside encounters does not trigger if an Unknown Enemy marker is on the table (p.177).

On the Aberrations list, Wraiths, Wights, Death knights and Undead constructs are all considered to be Undead (p.185).

Rolling the “The enemy is gathering weapons” result on the Enemy Plans table gives +1/+0 to damage (p.207).

Campaign Rewards

Clarification has been added that you can earn Adventure Points in any scenario, not just Threat battles (the only reward that is Threat scenario specific is the 1D6 award) (p.187).

As everyone kindly pointed out, the Follower advancement roll is supposed to be a D100 (p.195).

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