Fallout Wasteland Warfare Fall Competition Play games to Win Institute Sets for yourself and DTR vouchers for your FLGS!
This Fall we want Vault Dwellers playing games of Fallout Wasteland Warfare in friendly local game stores.
If you play a game of Fallout Wasteland Warfare in your local store this month send an email to support@modiphius.com with a picture of the game, a brief description and the name and location of your local store.
You'll be entered into a prize draw to win one of the upcoming Fallout Wasteland Warfare Institute Faction Core Boxes of your choice and 3 runners up will a Fallout Wasteland Warfare Institute Character Box Set.
If you win the competition your store wins too! They will receive a $150 direct to retail RRP voucher and 3 runner up stores will receive $50 in direct to retail RRP vouchers. 
The deadline for the competition is 29th of November.
We hope this encourages you to play more games and support your local stores!
Any questions please contact support@modiphius.com
Thanks and get rolling dice! 
Fallout: wasteland warfare