Fallout Friday September 22nd

By April Hill


Welcome to your September 2023 #FalloutFriday! We have been busy bottling up some special things for you this month, most of which I can’t tell you about yet! I’ll pop the top on what I can and let you know where and when to tune in for all the latest refreshing Fallout things we have in store. 

ModCon 2023 is upon us! With it, we will look at the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Nuka-World Wave and what miniatures and factions you can look forward to adding to your collection soon, perhaps even an all new “ice cold” miniature that will be made available tomorrow during the event. 

We know we have some incredible artists in our Fallout community. We will be announcing an exciting contest during ModCon 2023 for you to show us your best work with a special Fallout: Wasteland Warfare painting competition. Tune in to the stream on our Twitch channel Saturday, September 23rd at 5pm BST/ 9am PST to learn the contest details. Submissions will be posted on our Discord channel for judging so if you have not joined us over there yet, please do!

Last week we revealed the first play through of our latest Fallout game, Fallout Factions. We know you have been anxiously awaiting more news about it since we first revealed it back at AdeptiCon. You will be happy to learn that we have a more indepth look at it planned for ModCon so you can learn all you can about the game which launches in 2024. Also, if you missed the stream you can watch as Steve and our Fallout Factions' lead designer, James Hewitt, play as The Operators and The Pack now on our Youtube channel

Don’t worry Fallout: The Roleplaying Game fans, we have not forgotten about you! We know you have been craving more content for the game and we are very pleased to present a new supplement book for you NEXT WEEK! What is it? I guess you will have to wait just a little longer to see. We know you can do it. 

Community Spotlight

Now, on to what our talented community have been up to. Here's a work in progress from the_office_painterThe ranger is looking good!

A soldier from the Brotherhood of Steel (painted by _schaubude_) clad in heavy armor stands ready for battle.

Last but not least, Levi brings us “Another notch for my gun”. A unit on a mission to protect New Vegas, perhaps?

Well, that's all for now, Wastelanders. Until next time!

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