Fallout Friday Nov 21

Welcome once again Wastelanders to my Monthly round up of all things Fallout Wasteland Warfare. 

New Releases
It’s been quite the year and despite everyone’s plans being obliterated, we’ve just about managed to keep the resin forges fired and releases coming. Last month brought to a close our first foray into New Vegas. We have one last release for that block, with the promo  Burned Man now available as a single model for those not picking up any of our bundles.

For those who have been following our adventures in 3D printing products, this month also heralds the arrival of a new line and new approach for our STLs. We are planning on releasing one or more products a month going forward, starting with Fallout Wasteland Warfare, but with The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms coming along in due course.

Unlike with the early products, these files come both supported and unsupported so should be ready to go for both beginner and expert printers. However, because 3D printing is as much an art as a science we are (re)launching the line with a free sampler pack featuring several items from across the range to give people a chance to try out our files and see if they are compatible before spending any money. 

The products are all intended for resin printers, but we have had some success printing on filament, so if that’s what you are working with, grab the free sampler and give it a go to see if it works for you. 

Alongside the free sampler pack is a new set of files to allow you to print your very own corner of Nuka World. Featuring several key pieces such as the ruined bus, Pick-R-Up truck and several Nuka World branded items of furniture, this set will make for a dramatic themed battlefield and may let keen hobbyists get ahead of the curve when it comes to preparing their battlefields for future releases (but that would be a spoiler…)

Both sets are out now, as well as individual packs for the two vehicles for those keen to expand their Commonwealth tables but who are not yet ready to take on the raider gangs for control of Nuka World.

There is plenty more in the pipe, with packs ranging from smaller “greebles” to allow you to upgrade terrain to be more Wasteland-y, right up to full scatter pieces and the larger themed packs to produce a table full to thematically linked and fully detailed slice of the Commonwealth and beyond. 


The long anticipated Polish Nationals will soon be arriving, featuring some of the best tables out there. Przemyslaw and their team do a fantastic job supporting their communities and running these events and we can’t wait to see photos from the day.

Anyone interested in following along or hopefully attending can check out the details via their Facebook Events page: https://fb.me/e/1ge6jKFcS

Good luck to all attendees and we hope you all have a great time. 

Please do get in touch to help promote events, from one day demo sessions to large scale tournaments we want to help spread the word and ensure that people are in the loop as we emerge from pandemic mode and (safely) get back to regular social gaming.

Modiphius will be present at Salute on Saturday 13th November. We are going to be a little low key as we return to the world of events, but should have Wasteland Warfare and Call to Arms stock on hand. Drop by for a chat and if you are really lucky there might be some shiny promo cards and objective markers for early bird customers.


As ever, we close with a round up of what caught my eye in the social media feeds this month. Each month I check out everyone that’s been using the #FalloutFriday alongside their hobby content and showcase as much as I can.

Please do keep sharing all your hard work, it’s great to see what our community of Wastelanders is up to.

On the painting front, we’ve got quite a range of miniatures from across the waves for you.

Painter Chris Atkins (https://www.instagram.com/dead_as_savlar/) has been working on a subtly weathered T51 that grabbed my attention. This suit has seen some action, with scrapes and chips and a light layer of dust in all the recesses. Not sure peace and love are on the horizon for anyone in the neighbourhood.

Chris has also contributed this rather excellent rendition of Marcus, again artfully rendered to showcase the years of inhabiting the Wasteland he’s survived.

Over on Facebook, Pawel Skorek has also been working on a version of Marcus. This time round he’s managed to put his gear through the wash but is no less menacing or well executed.

Meanwhile, Odizac (https://www.instagram.com/odi.zac/) has been showcasing some subtle yet stunning models. Adopting the enamel wash methodology, they have created a moody and atmospheric style that really sets off the models well. Whether the hard surfaces of the T60 Power Armour or the organic folds of the Deathclaw and Mutant Hounds, the models look great. Subtle weathering and some OSL glow finishes the set perfectly.


We welcome Zakla into our community, who has recently picked up their Two Player Starter Set and has already completed all the models within. Some nice crisp paint jobs and judicious use of static grass clumps makes for a great entry to the game. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Regular contributor and playtester Olli returns once more. It seems there is no amount of model we can release that Olli can’t paint in record time. Within weeks he’s already completed the full set of Mojave Companions. We better crack on with some new releases to keep his brushes busy. 


Finally on the miniatures front, Painter AfrykanskiLord80 has begun work on the menacing Enclave Tesla suits. I’ll never tire of Power Armour variants and these look ready to rumble in their characteristic darkened steel.


Turning briefly to terrain, Olli once more pops up with his tables that bring a tear to my eye. He and fellow Wastelander Daniel have been running some remote lockdown gaming, aiming to work through some New Vegas inspired scenarios. Olli always does a great job making his tables tell a story and make for dramatic battle scenes. It’s always worth jumping on his posts where he breaks down his methods and his resources.

Aleksey has been keeping his 3D printer busy with a stunning little diorama/terrain piece. The Military APC here has bedded in, with some military gear scattered around, perhaps the site of a brave last stand by the US Military? No doubt some rare gear is waiting to be looted for those brave enough to tackle the Sentrybot.



Finally for November Lee Keating has produced what must be a staple of many Wasteland tables with the classic Fallout Billboard. As he notes, taking an MDF kit and disguising its material roots can be a challenge, but he’s managed it and produced something to be proud of. 


That’s it for this month. We’ll be back in December with another set of STL releases and more community goodness. All being well we will also be bringing our Commonwealth wave reveal videos, including something big that I can’t wait to see your reactions on.

Till next month, keep on surviving Wastelanders.