Fallout Friday March 2022

By Jon Webb


With the inevitability of finding a Brahmin on the roof of your settlement, #FalloutFriday has arrived once again Wastelanders.

This month, Levi has returned to prove his scouting talents, keeping an eye on the community and alerting me to some of the highlights from the past few weeks. Thanks for the support Levi.

Please do remember to tag your posts with the #FalloutFriday as well as send anything you think could be featured over to myself at jon.webb@modiphius.com so I can review and hopefully include in the future.

3D Printing

Every Wastelander needs a safe place to rest their head at night and what better way to improve your chances of survival than putting a wall around your settlement? This month’s STL set includes the wood and junk barricades and walls that Commonwealth wanderers will recognize.

With a mix of straight and curved walls, plus gates, doors and even some brutal looking barriers to ward off roaming creatures, this set should provide even more awesome line of sight blocking terrain and provide a modicum of security to any fledgling settlement. 

Next month will see something particularly a-moo-sing coming to the print catalogue. I did promise one last trip around Nuka World before we close the park (for now…)

Terrain Competition

We are one month into the allotted time for the terrain competition and I’ve already been receiving entries. If you are keen to enter, there is still time. Check out the details and T&Cs on our site at: https://www.modiphius.net/blogs/news/fallout-february-terrain-competition

Don’t forget we are accepting entries for scratch built, 3D printed and commercially available terrain (from any provider, not just Modiphius products) so it’s worth having a go and showing me what you’ve got.

Entries will be taken up until April 1st, so please do send your photos to jon.webb@modiphius.com


Recently, we hired an old friend of mine Gregoire Boisbelaud who brings his years of experience putting on great shows to Modiphius. Greg’s been planning big changes to our event efforts (and our community outreach teams, more on that in the future) and will be appearing at both GAMA Expo and Adepticon in the next few weeks.

Fans of Wasteland Warfare and Call to Arms who are attending ADEPTICON should drop by to say hi to Greg and catch a demo, see what goodies he’s got to show and maybe even some tasty pre-releases from the Commonwealth Wave.

Adepticon is being held March 23rd - 27th at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Centre, Chicago.

As things continue to improve and more shows are confirmed, I’ll be sure to bring them to your attention, but as ever, keep an eye on the social media feeds for upcoming events Modiphius will be attending. 

Commonwealth Releases

It’s been a long time coming, but we are now able to confirm that new releases will begin again starting in April. You should have seen the next six month’s worth of content as part of our pre Christmas reveals (if not, check out our YouTube channel as catch up videos are being posted over the coming weeks and the full reveal is already live)

April will see the arrival of the first half of the Railroad and (best faction) the Gunners and releases will follow thereafter running up to September. Keep an eye out for some reveals for wave 7 too, which will complete our time in the Commonwealth for now and includes some much asked for creatures as well as two new sub factions to expand existing collections. 

Fallout 2D20

With Wasteland Warfare no longer being the only Fallout game we make (nor is it the last one coming…) we’ve taken the opportunity to invite our colleagues over in the RPG side of Modiphius to take part in #FalloutFriday.

First up, April has got some news on some recent Fallout 2D20 on TwitchTV, through Cybernationuncensored.  There is also some homebrew content on their site for those wanting to try out their modules at home.


Team 1 at 9PM CET 

Set in Florida USA, the stream features cannibals, mind controlled ghouls, a Mickey Mouse cult at Disney World, the Enclave at USSA, BoS in Miami and so much more.

Team2 at 12AM CET

Based in Asia exploring new lore and more, learn more here and get some free assets.

Do you have a Fallout 2d20 stream you want to share with us? Email a link and a short description to support@modiphius.com

Community Roundup

Kicking off the Wasteland roundup once more, regular Julian Jeratsch is back with some incredible Fallout 76 themed terrain. He’s also managed to rustle a Brahmin from the sneak peek pile as well as customising a pet Molerat for his “what if '' adventures of Nora in Appalachia.

Expect to see many great things from Julian in the future as he and I have been plotting…

Meanwhile, Ryan Rumbolt has been tasting the rainbow with a chromatic cluster of Mirelurks. Inspired by his partner’s colour choices, the purple Fog Crawler sets off the bunch. I’m guessing these crustaceans have been sampling the waters around a decaying Nuka Cola factory and have picked up some pigment additives.  

Salvador has been displaying some of their New Vegas companions (you can find their work at @elfalloutero on Instagram). Arcade Gannon may not be a mercenary, but from the looks of his lab coat he doesn't lose any sleep taking out scumbags throughout the wastes.

Meanwhile Veronica is fighting fit, that power fist means business and there is some great mix of browns in her clothes. 

Another regular Wastelander, Adrien Feroc has been working on a really awesomely detailed vault. Reminding me of some of the vaults you fight through in Fallout 76, the extra foliage and hyper detailing vignettes (look for the dart board with throwing knives) has created a biome anyone would be proud to fight through.

Over on Discord (we have a community Discord now, come join us!) there is daily hobby content appearing. We’ve picked a few images out that caught our eye. B1gb0ss’ NCR  might be wishing for a nuclear winter but that doesn't stop them charging the legion forces head on when it's needed. You can see more at daniel_ramos.foxcosplay on Instagram.

Hicap has shown off a great box of Minutemen. Ready to defend any number of settlements they look sharp in their uniform.

Finally rounding off this month's Fallout Friday, we have Tim Warnke once again through the Facebook group imagining what China may be like after the nuclear war. Here they have created a Chinese pharmacy under the broken wing of a bomber. This scratch build piece has so much detail and intricacies, and all painted up to an amazing standard. If you haven't already pop over to the Facebook group to check out more photos.

Fallout for Hope

With the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, Modiphius is currently working on fundraising and humanitarian initiatives to try to alleviate some of the misery that is being suffered there.

We are also keen to signal boost other initiatives and wanted to draw our communities attention to one such in the Fallout for Hope efforts.

Please do consider a donation if you are able to do so at:


No one asks for war, but it comes all the same. Those who pay the full measure of blood, pain and loss are always the ones in its path.

On the ground right now, men and women, sons and daughters are fleeing or fighting for their lives and they need our help. We are reactivating Fallout For Hope to support the work of Project Hope that for over 60 years has provided global relief, providing health care services to nations and regions in crisis. Ukraine needs essential and lifesaving medical supplies and they need it right now. 

We invite all streamers to join us and streaming for Project Hope, to aid doctors, nurses and volunteers the tools to save lives. Yes, war never changes, but a life saved is a life changed when hope is given in the darkest of hours.

Sign up to stream:


To request to join the Fallout For Hope Twitch Team, join the Discord to request to be added:


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Till next time


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