Fallout Friday July 2022

July is here and with it a batch of new releases for your favourite game of Wasteland wandering. Welcome once again to #FalloutFriday.

New Releases

The Commonwealth wave releases continue with two excellent new sets. This month you should be able to find the new Mr Handy set. For those wanting to add new options such as Mr Gutsy, Miss Nanny  or a dapper hat for Codsworth, this set lets you feature a bevy of your favourite rotund helper bot, with swappable limbs and three bases.

Meanwhile, Super Mutant players get to field Swan. Probably our most detailed miniature yet, the team has done an incredible job on this one and I can’t wait to see what our talented painters in the community come up with.

On the digital front the long anticipated Into the Vault rules expansion arrives as a print at home product. This set of rules allows you to explore the remains of Vault Tec’s bizarre experiments, featuring scenario seeds, rules for randomly generating Vaults to explore and advice for who (or what) lives underground.

The rules include a PDF rulebook and print at home card decks for Vault creation.

Good luck to those who decide to go spelunking and remember “Vault forever, surface never”!

3D Printing

Also on the digital front, the STL team have been working hard and this month have given us another set of greebles that will give even more opportunities to decorate your terrain and perhaps even provide some objectives for scenario play.

The Toys and Bobbleheads set includes a host of junk items you might find in abandoned homes and factories across the Wasteland, as well as those vital Bobbleheads, perfect for giving you the edge in your adventures. The Bobbleheads even are provided as both Vault 111 and Vault 76 variants to further flavour your regional exploration.

Community Roundup

We end with another speed run through the efforts of our talented community.

First up, Julian is back with a stunning group shot of all the Fallout 76 scatter terrain he’s built for display. An amazing mix of 3D printed parts, home made bits and some great kit bashing, these pieces provide a perfect backdrop for his ongoing Blue Ridge Caravan force. Expect to see more from Julian in the future as he’s part of the Fallout team now, with his first work coming in Forged in the Fire later in the year.

Next up, another old friend of ours, Crafty Ric and an imposing Diamond City terrain setup. Crammed with detail and a grungy lived in feel, this wall should keep all the residents safe from marauding Raiders, Super Mutants and anything else the Wasteland might throw their way. Let’s just hope there are no Synths that might have infiltrated the settlement right?

Still focusing on terrain, Instagrammer Discordia https://www.instagram.com/discordia_painting/ has printed and painted the recent Bus STL (plus some great custom fine details). The level of detail from all three of the terrain examples this month really highlights what a superb world you can craft with a little bit of effort. Well done all.

That’s it for July, time to swig a Sunset Saspilla and mosey off into the Wasteland. Until next time.

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