Fallout Friday January 2022

By Jon Webb

Welcome Wastelanders once more to #FalloutFriday. The earth has again completed another rotation around the sun, days are getting longer and there is once more some light in the mornings, which means more hobby time for us all.

3D Printing Releases

2022 kicks off with another round of 3D printing STLs, once again themed around everyone’s favourite theme park, Nuka World. The January releases feature six stand alone sets that can be added to your tables. 

The focus is on Dry Rock Gulch but several of the sets were intended to pull double duty, so if you want to feature some oozing Stingwing nests (wouldn’t it be nice to have something to live in them hey…) or the various graveyards and cemeteries of downtown Boston, it’s worth picking up the sets that catch your eye (or else a money saving bundle of all six) and get your printers warming up.

Next month will see a second set of Dry Rock Gulch themed terrain to really make your tables sing and don’t forget to check out all the awesome files already available for more details and vehicles to dress your tables.

Fallout Wasteland Warfare Collection

Next week I’ll be announcing a new terrain competition. This will include categories for 3D print, scratch built, resin and mixed entries so no one should feel at a disadvantage and you can focus on terrain done your way. Keep an eye out for more soon.


For those of you who have been following #FalloutFriday since its inception, you may remember we used to feature monthly scenarios. For various technical reasons these fell by the wayside, but we’ve recently added some new games to try out on our downloads page.

Intended to accompany recent releases, these should be of interest to any New Vegas fans. Featuring crashed Vertibirds, Super Mutant radio stations and a cash grab in a casino, anyone looking for some unusual one shot adventures should check them out.

We’ve also added the three part Saugus Ironworks campaign to the same location for those who missed out on the original organised play pack. This linked campaign lets you fight through the Ironworks and fans of Fallout 4 may spot some easter eggs hidden in the shadows.

All the scenarios are available for free from the new home for Wasteland Warfare downloads. https://www.modiphius.net/pages/fallout-downloads

Community Round Up

As ever we end with a run down of some of the community efforts that have caught my eye. To make life easier and ensure I don’t miss anything, please feel free to email jon.webb@modiphius.com with photos and links to anything you are happy to see featured in the #FalloutFriday round ups. Include the # in the email title so I know what it’s about. 

Kicking off with terrain, Levi Roper has been making great use of several of our recent STL releases, mixing them with some scratch built items to make a fantastic Starlight Drive to play over. I’d recommend scrapping any rad barrels in the pond before adding your purifiers, no one wants glowing settlers.

Meanwhile, both Marc Tippler and Aleksy have printed and painted the Pick R Up truck. Marc has gone for the classic Cherry Red look, though the rust and lack of tyres makes me think this one has seen some miles… the red paint work still really punches through nonetheless. 

Aleksy’s version has seen even more years, with some spectacular dust and debris and just the right amount of rust and paint peeling.

December’s Community Champion Corey has been working away on his FDM printed Nuka World terrain and it looks like battle has been joined to secure the remnants of the park.  Once again mixing our STL products with some scratch build and purchased elements makes for a thematic and exciting table to play over. 

Several of you Wastelanders have been hitting the tables and getting in some games. 

Greg Joynson’s Brotherhood of Steel have been exploring the ruins of downtown Boston and seem to have stirred up a camp of Super Mutants.  Another great mix of bought and custom terrain really sets this one off, all brilliantly painted and rendered.

Rainer Statistiker is back with another great battle shot. It looks like some pesky Raiders have come to steal the food and resources the long suffering Settlers have fought to secure.

Over on YouTube, Ryan Rumbolt is back with a series of videos based around the New Vegas campaign. Check them out here on the Wargames News Radio channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/WarGamesNewsRadio/videos

To round us out for the month, here are a few paint jobs that grabbed me.

Elfallouther on Instagram has wrapped up a Vertibird for their Enclave officers to travel in style. I’m not sure we should be encouraging their nefarious machinations, but at least they will now look good doing whatever it is they are doing…

In the Twitterverse (sphere, meta? I can’t keep up any more) @JoleiiRacoon has painted up a pair of Securitron Enforcers, looking to bring law and order to the dusty streets of New Vegas. Great work picking out the details of the face plates and missile pods and the addition of a couple of desert clumps really sets off the bases. 

Pawel Galas (Gal0n on Instagram) has cooked up a tasty looking Mirelurk Hunter in the Albino color scheme. Are any Wastelanders brave enough to take it on to put in their pots, I wonder?

Also over on Instagram, Mikey @thelonepainter has been painting up a storm , with Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, Survivors, Robots and more. This Sole Survivor and Dogmeat leapt out with their punchy colour schemes but do visit the feed to see more top work. 

Rounding out the month is a look back to a classic model from way back in Wave 1. The imposing Super Mutant Behemoth. Daniel Takai has really bought out the definition of the muscles on this hulking brute, with a great skin tone and impressive contrast. 


Don’t forget to come back next week when we’ll be catching up with our next Community Champion Julian Jeratsch. Julian should be pretty familiar to anyone who follows us each month and we’ll be talking to him about his awesome conversions and thematic bases and where he gets his inspiration from.

Till next month, Wastelanders.


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