Fallout Friday Feedback

By Jon Webb

The new year is upon us and another #FalloutFriday has come and gone.

Hopefully you are all having fun with the Vestiges Resurgent campaign and with part three out and available here  then you can wrap up the series and bring the story to a close.

This month several painters who have been working on their Enclave forces caught my eye.

Firstly, RyanDanger87 has been busy getting his core set ready. In particular the surprise encounter with a Deathclaw amused me. Never roll an X  when making search tests is my advice.


In a similar light, @LNinjaPainting over on twitter has done a great job with Colonel Autumn and his elite team. The punchy colours on Autumn and his officers really contrast against the black armour of his bodyguard.  

Finally for this month, @pinkdreadnought (also on Twitter) has done a lovely (if such a word can be applied to a barely controlled weapon) of everyone’s favourite mutated soldier Frank Horrigan. The oily look of his armour pops against his inhuman skill nicely.


Great work all round and thanks to everyone who is painting, playing and hobbying with us.

Don’t forget to check out the scenario for February 12th and keep on sharing with #FalloutFriday.

Till next time.


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