Fallout Friday August 21

Welcome Wastelanders to August’s #FalloutFriday 

With the Legion and NCR behind us (for now) we turn to some of the other denizens of the Wasteland as the first of the Super Mutants make their play for domination of the Mojave. 

The terrifying Nightkin (below), stealthy combat experts, emerge from the gloom alongside Tabitah and her “associate” Raul (above). Keep your radios tuned to Black Mountain Radio for more details on this new subfaction (or check out the New Vegas expansion if your airwaves don’t pick up the channel).

Community update

This month I wanted to highlight the efforts of some of our Russian players who recently hosted a weekend of gaming known as the Balitc Wastelands. Featuring some amazing terrain setups, demo games and tournament play our congratulations go out to Kserks and their team for putting on such a great show.


I also wanted to give a shout out to Monkeysloth on Reddit. We have a smallish but growing community over there (checkout R/wastelandwarfare) and Monkeysloth is always on hand giving out great advice and links to newcomers and question askers. So, thanks and keep up the awesome community activity. 

Don’t forget to keep tagging and sharing your hobby efforts for the showcase, I’m always keen to see what folks are up to and share them here for all to see, so if you have something you want me to see, please do email support@modiphius.com or use the #FalloutFriday.

Till next month.
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