Fallout Friday 14th May 2021

Welcome to May’s Fallout Friday round up, this might be the one many of you have been waiting for.

After several years of rumour, speculation and outright pleading, the New Vegas Expansion arrives. Bringing your games of Wasteland Warfare to a new region with the Mojave location, as well as featuring fan favourite factions such as the NCR and Caesar’s Legion, we hope you enjoy the new narrative gameplay opportunities this wave brings.

Pre-orders should be shipping as you read this but for those of you who prefer to support your local gaming stores (or just avoid those pesky shipping fees) releases should be arriving now. If your store doesn’t have them, make sure to ask them to reach out to their distributors and become a Wasteland Warfare stockist.

There are six months of New Vegas releases, with the terrifying Nightkin, several notable companion characters and even some Robot reinforcements coming in the second half of the wave. 

#FalloutFriday Scenario

It’s also time for another #FalloutFriday scenario. This month those mysterious Zetans are up to trouble. Take them on in the FREE Zetan Incident  PDF scenario and see if you can bring down their orbiting scout craft.

Players might like to add the crashed UFO terrain set to add flavour to their tables for this one.

As ever, get painting, terrain building and playing and share on social media with the #FalloutFriday and I’ll try to share any that catch my eye. 

New Vegas Terrain Competition

We love a good competition here at Modiphius and always want to encourage hobbying. As it’s the launch of New Vegas it seems like a good time to do another terrain building competition.

So, the theme is New Vegas. You all have one month (till June’s #FalloutFriday on the 11th) to build and paint a piece of terrain themed around the new wave. This can be anything from a small scatter piece to a larger building or feature, so plenty of scope.

There will be three prizes, $100 store credit for the best large piece, $100 store credit for the best small piece and $50 for the “Most Fallout” entry (what that means is always up for debate but think about the world of Fallout and try to reflect its quirks in your efforts and you won’t go far wrong). 

Send your entries to us by emailing 1-4 pictures to support@modiphius.com , with the title New Vegas Terrain Competition and marked for the attention of Jon.

Full terms and conditions can be found here

Community Roundup - Battle Reports 

As I roam the web looking for great Wasteland Warfare hobby content, I’ve recently shortlisted several great YouTube channels that feature battle reports (among other content) so wanted to showcase them here for your viewing pleasure.

I’d recommend checking any of these out and giving them a like/subscribe so they know their efforts are being seen (and hopefully they keep making Wasteland Warfare videos as a result). 

HTL World

Playtester, speedy painter and all round Wastlander Olli and his friends Daniel and Daniel have been hosting content for a good while now. Though the content is in German, it’s still inspirational to see their tables and miniatures and questions can be answered in English if necessary.

Olli hosts live streams and we’ll try to give folks a heads up as they emerge going forward. 

Rainer Statistiker

Another great German Language channel that caught my eye due to the lovely paint jobs and terrain and fascinating narrative scenarios played out including Into the Wasteland for folks interested in seeing how the newer module works. 

That Minutemen standard bearer is wild!

Rainer is worth following for sure and I hope we see plenty more from him soon. 

War Budgies 

Jon and the team at War Budgies (not just a clever name, they really do feature Budgies!) have three seasons of Wasteland Warfare gaming content on the channel. 

Featuring both official and home written content, lots of great terrain and miniatures and multiple episode plots and campaigns, it’s a great channel to check out.

Also, non German speakers will be pleased to hear this one is in English. 

Guerrilla Miniature Games

As well as modding the Fallout Wasteland Warfare Facebook group, Ash also found some time to put some great game videos together.  Featuring Solo, AI and RPG content, those looking to explore the expanded content that Wasteland Warfare offers could do well to check these videos out. 

 War Games News Radio

Another great playlist featuring Solo/AI play, Ryan has plenty of Fallout content on the channel including the above gameplay, plus terrain guides and interviews. You might even spot some of the Modiphius crew pop up in some of his content.  


Rob and the team over at Board Game Maniacs have got multiple hours of Wasteland Warfare videos including several long form game plays for those wanting more. Supporting that is plenty of painting and hobby advice providing another rounded package of great videos. 

Of course, Jon being Jon, I couldn’t resist sneaking some painting into my roundup of Battle and Gaming Reports, so here are a few more channels I recommend.

Tabletop Hub

Sam over at TableTopHub is someone I always like to bump in to at shows and his channel features plenty of great terrain and painting tips, as well as regular round ups of all things Modiphius and even tutorials to help you learn the games we make.

That Painting Bloke

A newer channel with only a few videos for now, but Craig has recently joined our painting crew and done some stunning work on some of the Commonwealth miniatures. I’m expecting plenty more to follow from him in time but in the meanwhile if you want some tips from one of our studio painters, I’d say the channel is worth dropping by. 

Benji’s Hobbies

Another newer channel that is shaping up to be a good one to keep an eye on for painters and modellers, Benji reached out to show us his excellent  Fallout overpass diorama featuring the Lone Survivor meeting some raiders while out adventuring. 

That’s it for this month, but please do keep posting all your hobby, painting, terrain and gaming using the #FalloutFriday so I can see your efforts. I do give store credit now and again, so it’s really worth being part of the Wastelander community. If nothing else you can crib great ideas from everyone else (I certainly do!) 

Till next time.


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