Faction Focus: The Pack

By Georgie R
Photography by Fatima Martin


The wasteland can often seem quite monotone with rusted signs and sand all over the place, but fear not! This faction prides themselves on the laws of the animal kingdom with colorful outfits and masks to boot. Following the Alpha, the Pack showcase their pride through their values of strength, loyalty and ferocity above all else. With a solid balance between using rifles and melee weapons, this ragtag group of raiders is ready to show who real rulers of the animal kingdom are as they fight for control of Nuka-World.

The Pack are a little similar to the Disciples with their affinity for getting up close to their enemies but instead of going for the thrill of the kill, they love causing destruction and soaking up all the violence they can cause. Their gameplay revolves around the strategy of using weapons such as Automatic Handmade Rifles to suppress enemies and then move on in for the kill. The models in this faction range from using Handmade Rifles paired with Baseball bats to 10mm Pistols coupled with Hand Weapons which gives them their signature style of suppress from afar and go in for the kill. This faction have even taken their values quite literally in terms of arming themselves like the animals around them, as the Alpha wields a Deathclaw Gauntlet both as a formidable weapon and symbol of authority to their followers. 

This Faction also has their own set of Ploys to mix things up in combat, the Pack are always on the hunt for their next target and Brutality ups the ante when they find them. This can be triggered whenever one of your models incapacitates an enemy, your opponent usually would make a Confusion Test for any models within 3” of the incapacitated one but this Ploy extends it to 5”. And for each of these Tests they make it also counts as Failing if they score less than Two hits, meaning that the Pack can really cause a ruckus if your opponent’s models are grouped up close to each other! Their other option is Pack Hunters, when the Alpha makes a Get Moving action this Ploy can be triggered to give Movement Orders to all of your models even if they are outside of the Alpha’s control area. Use it defensively to get models to safety, or go on the offensive and move in for the kill, the choice is yours!

The Pack are true to their namesake, a group who follow the Alpha and intimidate their foes with vibrant colors on their armor and masks they don for battle. With their tactics all about making their enemies flee in terror or going all in as one to finish their foes, will you be the one to hunt with the Pack in the wasteland?

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