Faction Focus: The Operators

By Georgie R
Photography by Fatima Martin


The Operators are one of the more organized groups of criminals lurking around the Wasteland. Their leaders once belonged to the Upper Stands of Diamond City where they had privileged upbringings but lost it all when they were exiled for past excesses. Compared to their counterparts, the Operators bring a calculated and calm air about themselves to Nuka-World. They are well-armed and armored, with the skills and charisma to boot, the Operators are a lethal opponent for any gang to face as they prepare to fight for control of Nuka-World. 

In gameplay, this gang is all about long-ranged weapons and keeping their hands clean by avoiding melee combat. With their previous lifestyle and connections; this group of raiders have quite the cache of weapons to choose from, with rarer weapons such as Missile Launchers and Syringers being favored. The Operators are all about using rifles, Combat and Handmade ones being their bread and butter, this gang will favour using terrain to their advantage by being able to hide from their enemies at a distance only to inflict massive damage with their weapons. You can even utilize your Marksman’s Handmade rifles on your Scavvers and create a sniper gunline, these can prove pivotal if you’re able to find some cover, get this going with your units to hit your opponents from afar and succeed in taking control of Nuka-World!

This charismatic gang have a few tricks up their sleeves in terms of Ploys as well, these are perfect for when you’re stuck in a pinch or if the time is right to launch a big attack. Coordinate is one such option as when one of your models declares an Open Fire action, you follow this up with Supporting Fire from your other models. But this ploy switches things up, you’re no longer limited to the models in the Active model’s control area! If your units are a bit too spread out to provide support to each other, you can enact this ploy to get some support down and really hit hard against your opponent. Or if you’re in need of some support, you can enact the Prepared For Anything ploy. This enables you to add any number of common Chems to your roster providing they have a combined cost of up to 25 caps, perfect for when you need some help in a pinch. 

The Operators have a number of different strengths to their gameplay, the keyword for them being firepower. Their extensive list of rifles and pistols gives a wide variety of options of how you can play both on the board and with the squad itself, even Wasters are capable of wielding handmade rifles. This charismatic and level-headed gang suits a player who takes a calm and strategic approach to their fights in Nuka-World, will it be you?

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