Faction Focus: Dreamers
By Samantha Webb

Dreams and Machines Faction Focus

The world of Evera Prime is one of hope and spirit in the spectre of mechanical horrors—Waker machines frozen in place that come alive without warning. Many Everans have moulded their lives around avoiding, hiding, or battling these technological monsters from the Old World, and none exemplify this more than the Dreamers.

Secreted around the Everan landscape live Dreamer villages, whose way of life contrasts most Everan settlements. Dreamers shun most technology, relying more on the natural laws of nature, physics, chemistry, and biology than digital devices, but their origins are not as regressive as one might think.

In the Old World, Everan scientists and engineers pushed themselves and each other to reach ever greater technological marvels. Incredible AI-assisted scientific breakthroughs encouraged the old Everans to barrel forward at a reckless pace. The Dreamers were foremost among them… until almost the end.

Early Dreamers, among them the top scientific and engineering minds on the planet, grew to  understand the potentially cataclysmic ramifications of this scientific progress.

They fled the cities with their families and loved ones to start their own society and experiments guided by Dreamer principles. They vanished to protect themselves, safeguard their own research, and try to find a way to save everyone. It wasn’t long before the war began. The Dreamers soon realised that it didn't matter how they approached their research and technological development if they were all murdered by the AI they’d left behind. So, they abandoned their technology, choosing to live pastoral lives.

The myth surrounding the Dreamers is that they’re primitive, even stupid, not knowing how to use and repair even everyday technology in order to thrive, but Dreamer communities are full of insightful, knowledgeable, prudent people driven by an unparalleled perseverance. Everans who have come to know Dreamers report them disabling rampaging mechs in seconds, hunting and luring them into carefully laid but devastating traps. They fight just as fiercely against other threats, with lethal bows, swords, and potent toxins and explosives.


Dreamers make terrific allies, and deadly enemies, emerging from the flora of Evera to devastating effect, only to disappear just as quickly to the seclusion of their hidden communities.

Dreams and machines