Celebrate 50 Years of Star Trek Animation!

By Jim Johnson, STA Project Manager
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Fifty years ago, the Human adventure continued with the release of the Star Trek animated television series. Running for 22 episodes, the series continued the adventures of the beloved crew of Star Trek, giving hungry fans more stories with Kirk, Spock, McCoy, the rest of the crew, and the U.S.S. Enterprise, only this time on Saturday mornings along with all the other cartoon series on air at the time.

And yet, Star Trek (the animated series) wasn’t just for kids. It was an animated series, yes, but it was still Star Trek. Many veteran Star Trek writers were invited to write for the series, and tonally, the series picked up where the third season of the original live-action series left off. The animated series was considered by many to be the fourth year of the Enterprise’s five-year mission.

And, the animated series took advantage of the medium to introduce elements that couldn’t have been filmed in live action. Strange new world, new spatial phenomena, amazing creatures and characters, and more. Pandronians, Phylosians, sehlats, le-matyas, and pink tribbles! The animated series had it all.

With the release of the Star Trek: The Animated Series Supplemental Guide, you can add all of that amazingly inventive and creative content to your Star Trek Adventures games as well. The supplemental guide offers playable character sheets for all the main cast, including newcomers Arex and M’Ress, new NPCs, creatures, worlds, starships, equipment, and five new playable character species for you and your group to expand your playing options (including the aforementioned Phylosians and Pandronians).

Boldly go into the final frontier, animated style, and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original animated Star Trek!

Pick up a copy of the Star Trek: The Animated Series Supplemental Guide right now and join the celebration.


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